Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

We can't wait til Wordless Wednesday, though, cuz Teri said she is going to make it a Wordy Wednesday and catch everyone up on what's been happening at the Furrydance place.

Here's a Mancat for Monday:

This is a photo of Lomacitas Drunken Monkey, affectionately known as Monkey. He was the first daddy cat at Furrydance and he retired about 6 years ago and lives in Missouri now with another Furrydance cat named Xerxes.


  1. xerxes is such an elegant name for this cat. she's got style! thanks for your lovely comments about my new gd. and yes, i am obsesedd

  2. Monkey is a handsome Mancat! It sounds like he is having a wonderful retirement.

  3. We thinks he's a very elegant retiree.


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