Thursday, January 29, 2009

Election Update!

You might think that Coco
would have the pre-election
jitters, but she's digging in
her claws and giving it her all.
It's a bit cold and icy in Coco's
hometown, so she has been
staying in her office,making
some phone calls, asking
cats and people alike, if she
can have their vote on January 31st!

But she really likes to meet (and know she has the ears for listening) people and cats in person, so she put on her warmest coat and scarf, and had Teri take her in to work with her today, so she could meet and greet all the cats and their owners today. She listened intently to their complaints and their hopes, and as you know, for every problem, one has to also bring a solution to the table (along with some Fancy Feast, please) and Teri told her that's what those Fireside Chats are about.

When she and Teri got home today, and checked the polls...oh my cat! Coco moved into second place! Now, she knows there are many capable cats out there in the running, and Teri told her if she wins, that she will need those intelligent cats in her cabinet (is that where the Temptations are kept?) and she would like them all to have Fireside Chats with all of them, too.

Coco knows it's quite a responsibility being Cat President, and she hopes if she is elected, that she is up to the task, but knows behind every good president, there is a good cat (or many good cats!). So on Saturday, we will all be gathered around the computer, watching the results unfold...and may the best cat win!


  1. Hi Coco! I just had to come over and visit. You are really moving ahead in the polls! This has been fun!

  2. At the rate you're going it looks like we'll all be lining up for a fireside chat with you!

    Can we have a cuddle while we're chatting?

  3. Cornish Rex love to cuddle! This president thing might be fun! Sweet Praline has a fireplace, too!

  4. I will support you any way I can if you win Coco!

  5. You're pulling ahead, excellent campaigning. My secret for world domination is to use kittens to lull the humans.

  6. Hai, i stayin homes too. IZ COLD outs.

    I not logged in, but dis is HANSEL

    Me dos no lots bout temtayshuns an luf.

    Yes, we shud be furrends!

  7. Way to go, Coco! I just checked and you are currently in FIRST place!!! Woohoo!

    You look very glamorous and chic in your warm coat and scarf.


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