Friday, January 30, 2009

Election Buzz

...soon we will be back to our regular programming, but for now the activities surrounding the upcoming election of Cat President are taking center stage here at the Furrydance abode.

Coco is busy going through her closet trying to pick out an Inaugural Ball gown (and accessories, of course). She really doesn't have a closet like the fashionable's a big purple plastic storage box.

She is trying to get some help from Teri with her Inaugural Address speech and is working on memorizing the Oath of Office (don't want to stumble there and make embarrassing news headlines).

So, with a few more hours to go, that's what's happening here at Furrydance Cattery...Coco thinks it's time for a nap now!

Greetings from Coco (soon to be Madame President?), Kiki, Brighton, Spot, Sammy, Toby, Silly, Disco, Mister, Jack, Luna and Madeline, oh and Teri too


  1. I just voted for you.
    Purrrrsonally, I think you would make a better pres than what we got!

    I love your pretty sparkly collars and I think you will be so lovely at the ball. I really hope you win!

  2. Oh, this is getting so exciting!

  3. Maybe Daisy can be your Secretary of Fashion! The polls are looking good for you right now, so good luck in preparing that speech! It's been an honor to run against you!

  4. Coco! It does look like you may soon be the Cat Purrsident! I look forward to getting to know more about you and it has been an honor being your opponent.

  5. Oh boy I think you are going to take it!


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