Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Hello my fellow Catizens,
Coco here, using the platform of a usually Wordless Wednesday, to talk a little bit and tell you why you should cast your vote for me, the Cat for Change candidate.

The clock is ticking down to January 31st, when the voters will pick the catdidate they feel will be the best one to serve as their Cat President ( I am not sure if that is for 4 human years or 4 cat years though) and I thought I should tell you a little bit about myself.

I am a Cornish Rex cat. My cat ancestors came from England, many cat years ago, to escape the tough existence of being barn cats. We were teased and made fun of because we were different, but that has given us the experience and compassion to be around all kinds of cats and be diplomatic, and that experience is very important if you are going to be a good cat president.

Another attribute that is important when being the cat leader of your country, is to be a good listener. I am sure you can see that big ears is one of my strongest points, and I will not turn a deaf ear to what my catstituents tell me. I have heard about Fireside Chats and that sounds like a splendid idea to implement, as with my short fur, I am always seeking out warm spots!

I also have a wonderful fashion sense, it seems to just come naturally to me, like my wavy fur. It is very important for a cat president to be well groomed and stylish at all times, just like Jackie Kennedy or Michelle Obama. You can tell by looking at my picture, that not a hair is out of place!

And I will not spend my catstituents taxes dollars on fancy clothes and junkets, just give me a string of pearls and some Temptation treats, and I will be happy.


  1. I believe you - with those ears, you were *made for listening! :)

    You're nice to look at, too!

  2. Coco, you make some excellent points! I think it is about time we had a curly cat in the office. I hope you will win!

    I'll bet you look beautiful in pearls!

  3. I like reading all about your mom, and how you kitties came to be there with her.
    Lovely pictures too.
    Coco I think you would be a good president


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