Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Daisy's a Winner!

Yippee!! Now the whole world, not just the cat blogosphere, knows that Daisy has the #1 Cat Blog...but we all knew that before the contest. Congrats, Daisy (and Harley, remember you're sharing your abode with a very special cat!)

While Daisy isn't a curly Cornish Rex of the Furrydance clan, she is a curly Devon Rex and us curlies stick together. We are purroud to be her furriend!


  1. Thank you so much for your support! I feel like a true winner with friends like you.

    ps: Your Wordless Wednesday photo is adorable.

  2. Daisy certainly is a winner in our book! :)

  3. is that daisy who broke dennis' heart?

    well, even if it is congrats anyway. the mouse loves dennis.

    hey, thanks for dropping in at the mouse and leaving such a lovely comment! eek!

    this mouse loves cats!!!!!

    wordless wednesdays ....what a wonderful concept! great cat pics, but you know that (I hope!)

  4. Hi...
    Congratulations... Keep it up..

  5. Heehee.
    Well, the cats DO have a cool name.
    Rock on!

  6. Thanks so much for reading me.

    Mad Cat-grats to Daisy! And long live all the beloved citizens of Cornish Rexdom!

    Snatch JOY!




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