Thursday, May 7, 2009

Being a Responsible Breeder...

Well, I am getting another Furrydance kitty back due to "Inappropriate Urination". I just hope I am as lucky as I have been in working with these cats and he gets through Rehab with a Gold Star!

His name is Keyser Soze and I almost lost track of him once before! Right after Mike died, the couple who had Soze gave them to friends of theirs without letting me know they were having problems (their other cats picking on Soze). That angered me, as part of my contract says that I will take back a cat for any reason and then be able to chose the best home for them personally. They told me they thought I was having enough problems to deal with, and they thought they were doing the right thing...

They gave him to a couple who knew him and liked him...but he was going right back into a similar situation, multiple pets, and I just would not have picked that home for him, with his history of being picked on and maybe having self-confidence issues. But at least I was able to contact his new owners and chat with them, but they never did send back the Adoption Application form I emailed them and that was dissin' me, but at least they now had my contact info!

Then today I get a phone call that they have been having many months of problems with him, escaping outside, peeing everywhere and they are having to move into a smaller home for a while and knew he would only be under more stress there. And I am grateful for the fact that because I had kept in touch with them, that they knew how to get in touch with me and that I would take him back.

I asked them to fax all his vet records to the hospital where I work, so I can see what his healthcare has (or has not) been, and just like any time I bring a new cat into the house, he will be isolated and taken in to work with me on Monday for blood tests and parasite tests, so I don't expose my household to something he may have picked up on one of his ventures outside or from one of their other pets.

Then just like the cats I have Rehabbed before him, Jasmine and Nacho and Peachie and Disco...he will go through the "12 step program" to recovery. Well, it's not really 12 steps, that is just a reference to AA. It's 4 steps, each about 2 weeks long and a cat only gets to move to the next level if it's well behaved. Sometimes there is 2 steps forward and 1 step back. And sometimes (most of the time) there are anxiety meds involved. I follow the protocol of an animal behaviorist group that the cat hospital where I work uses.

Over then next few weeks, you will get to know Soze and wish him luck and send him purrs, but thought you all would like to see pix of him. He's quite the handsome boy, 4 years old and I am looking forward to getting to know him again and evaluating his issues and hoping like *&%#@ that I can help's the least I can do!


  1. Poor little stressed baby!

    I'm glad you were able to keep contact so your cat can come home and get back to being happy.

  2. I hope the %&$## you can too! lol

    Actually I know you will.

    Did you take these fabulous pictures???? I loved this post, and getting to know more about what you do and how you do it. Oh, I love love love kitties... and I am deathly allergic to them *sob* so the only way I can enjoy them is through your blog. And enjoy I do! Thanks lady! :-)

  3. Big Purrs Soze! Hope your steps are short.

  4. We will purr really hard that he is ok. We have a good feeling about him and know he will do well with all of us giving him our positive energy!

  5. Poor guy. I don't understand people who just give cats to friends who don't have any better situation than theirs. I know they mean well but if you were willing to help.. alas. I hope that Soze will get the help he needs and go to a perfect home.

  6. There must of been a lot of discord in his families' life for him to act out so badly. I hope he can find peace and happiness at your home.


  7. He is a lucky boy that he has a "first family" he can come home too an who will love him and do everything possible to solve his problems.

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  8. He's beautiful! I'm really glad you were able to stay in touch with him, and that he can come back to you. Sending him (and you) lots of purrs.

  9. He sure is a handsome Mancat! I think it would be awesome to adopt a cat from a responsible breeder like you.

  10. I wonder why they really waited so long to get back in touch with you. It seems to me that it makes sense that you would have been the first one to call since you had already established a relationship with the new owners. I'm very glad to know Soze is coming to your house. Not many cats are so lucky...

  11. He looks like such a nice and handsome fellow. We're very sorry for what he has been through and hope you can help him (of course you can).

  12. Poor guy!! He is super duper cute, I sure hope he gets his issues fixed up.


    P.S. My breeder has the same rules about new homes and always taking me back and such.

  13. Many Kudos and purrs to you both! You for being the very responsible breeder and lover of these lovely felines & many long, deep purrs to Soze to help him endure & understand what needs be done is for his best, best self. He is quite stunning as are all your lovely, enchanted darlings.

  14. Great photos! What a sweetie. I don't know about that name....did you see the movie??

  15. Soze is a furry handsome feller! Alla us Ballicai are sendin him lots and lots of purrs.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  16. We were reading with tears in our eyes the story of poor little Soze. He is one lucky little guy to be back "home" where he will be put back on the right track with patience and love.


  17. You are an amazing person and wonderful breeder. We are very proud of you and hope Soze passes all of the steps very quickly.

  18. Keyser Soze is adorable! It's wonderful that you provide such support and follow-up for the kitties. We hope he breezes through rehab and finds a forever home that is perfect for him.

  19. hi== I have a blog award waiting for you at Adventures in Nature! :-)

  20. Oh we are so in awe of your goodness and kindness...Soze is a beautiful lucky mancat to have another chance to relearn his ways. I was (mommy says I still am:) a problem child when I was given up for adoption when I was nine years old. Mommy thought I would be the purrrrfect cat for what she wanted me to do...and I was. I became a Hospice kitty to her mommy for her last two months before she went to the bridge.

    I know you will find a good home for this beautiful little mancat...and well trained when he goes there.
    I am feeling so much better now took a long time but I am happy. Please tell Coco happy mother's day for me...
    Lov e Miss Peach

  21. I missed many blog entries.
    I know what you have been through.
    You are a responsible breeder.
    We will be purrring for Disco and Soze too, and of course for you too with your hands full.
    All kitties come with troubles, just like kids and you are a great mom. We wish we could help somehow.
    We know there are hard days still without Mike. It is only 9 years since mom's oldest sister died, they were very close. She knows your sadness.
    purrrrs sweet friend


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