Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Disco phoned Home...

The Alien has come back home. And while I was truly hoping his new companion and he would soon be fast friends...it wasn't meant to be.

And, I am a bit surprised at how glad I am to have him back with me...since Mike died, I have been trying to get back to a managable number of cats for one person to love and care for and letting each one go reminds me that Mike is no longer here, sharing my life and loving the cats with me.

I let Billy Idol (my other Sphynx) fly off to California with a good friend and I smiled as I waved goodbye, but still knew I would miss his silly ways in my life. I also was able to find a wonderful home for 2 kitties I got back from their homes because they were peeing outside the box in their previous homes and that was not sad but happy for me and them that they got through their emotional issues and could be happy again.

But Disco, who also had been having the same behavior issues, with help from me and anxiety meds, had made it through "rehab" and was being good, but I thought he would be happy being #1 kitty in someone's life and this person was going to be someone I knew and work with, so it would be even better as I would get daily news of how he was doing and what he was up to...

Well, both he and Tabitha exhibited such obvious anxiety at being housemates that he only lasted 2 1/2 days before he was delivered back to me...after pooping on the bed numerous times, yowling for 6 hours straight at one point and causing his new owner such distress that I welcomed him back with open arms, of course. Now, I am familiar with the Cornish Rex and Sphynx personality and other than the out of litterbox experiences...I can say most of what Disco was doing was pretty normal and would more than likely have subsided in a few weeks.

I am sure she thought I would be angry, but not at all! We both learned something from this experience and this is one reason I am always most comfortable "rehoming" a kitty locally, so it can easily be returned to me with the least stress possible. Kittens are resilient and maleable and adjust to new homes easily...adult cats have a much harder time and especially to someone not familiar with the breed...adjustments can be difficult and overwhelming at times.

This is the quickest instance of having a cat returned to me, but Tabitha was the first to say "It could be me, not him" and I knew I had to intervene. I had one young woman return a kitty to me after two weeks as she said she never settled in, kept meowing, dug at the door if she confined her and seemed to miss her littermates too much. Funny, but she came back to me and went off to live with a woman who has a boy cat from me and she settled in just fine and in fact, is so quiet and serene next to her very active boycat, that she often has to go looking for Lola just to say hello!

Another time, I had a kitten returned to me after a month or so, because she was constantly trying to "nurse" on her new owners exposed skin. She did that in the new home I found for her for quite some time, but eventually outgrew the behavior except for when she is very sleepy and contented. Each person has their limit to what they can give and take in a relationship, whether it be with a human or a pet...

But...these past few days and thinking about whether I will still be breeding Cornish Rex a year from now, but knowing I will always have at least one in my life...where ever it leads me. I think, who would I keep and who would I seek homes for, and this recent experience has helped me decide that no matter what, Disco has found his place here...with me and I think that he and Coco and me would make a nice little family unit...don't you think?

It's obvious, from the photo, that Disco is happy here and loves to snuggle with Spot (who is 15 years old and has IBD, Spondylosis and was diagnosed this week with a heart problem and was part of the package when I married Mike and I couldn't do less than care for him like he is a that part of Mike still with me).

...Funny, how things can change so, in just a week!


  1. At least Disco is back where he is comfortable. It is so important for people to research the breeds, because each has a unique personality. I wish you well as you make decisions about the future.

  2. Two and a half days! That's no time at all. Oh well. I'm glad my mom tolerates stuff--after all, we don't call Gracie the little Pee Queen for nothing, and it's been five months!

    My mom says those litter mats look great--thanks for letting her know! They don't look very chewable to me, though. Oh, and guess what?? I like to bite on my mom's garden clogs too!

  3. I am glad Disco is happy again at home. It does seem like Disco is meant to be with you.

  4. I am glad that Disco is back someplace where he feels like hebelongs. Purrs.

  5. It sounds like Disco belongs with you.

    Homes not working out is something we struggle with as foster parents, because we don't necessarily know, unless a kitty re-appears on the shelters adoption listing. There is nothing to stop them being privately re-homed. It upsets me at times, because I want to make sure they are going to places where they will be safe and loved.

  6. I'm glad Disco is back. We don't think 5 cats are too many, I mean we have 7 cats and 2 dogs and da biped still has plenty of time after she combs all of our furs. Course we sometimes has to comb her fur because she forgets to do it.

    Our Angel brother Abner used to nurse on himself. It drove da biped nuts because it kept her awake at night. She fixed him by putting a baby t-shirt on him at night.


  7. If there is one precious thing in life, it is to be able to go home when you need to. Disco, you are where you need to be...

  8. I finally found time to drop by and say thanks for following our blog (I apologize for taking so long to do this!), and I discovered that you gave us an award! Thank you so much!

    I'm glad Disco is back home - it really sounds like Tabitha did her best, and maybe it just wasn't meant to be. He looks very happy with Spot.

    Sending purrs from all of us.

    P.S. I'm originally from the DC area - not too far from where you are. My family still lives there.

  9. It sounds like Disco knew where his forever home was and wouldn't be happy anywhere else.

  10. Disco loves you. Are you going to keep him, or try for another home?

  11. Welcome home, Disco! I'm sorry it did not work out, but I am very happy that you have a wonderful home to return to.

    When I was first adopted, I tried to nurse on my Mommie's neck for a few weeks. Now, whenever I knead, I usually put my mouth real close to my Mommie so it's just barely touching. It's sort of a "pretend" nursing.

  12. Squeaker "pretend nursed" on humans for about 6 years; but he did eventually outgrow it. It was kind of sweet though.

  13. Disco, hi! how are you! We're glad to see you back home where you belong :)

  14. I get a bit discouraged when people give up so soon. Still, like you said we all have our limits. I'm glad you took him back ;)
    Poor Spot with his aging ailments.
    I took my only client to the vet with her kitty today. The cat is 15 and has IBD. The Pred caused diabetes which today we found out we kicked it's butt and she's in remission..yay! But the cat is losing weight so the best thing to do is put it back on pred and risk diabetes again. It's all too much to handle for my 90 year old client. She ran out of the office when faced with this issue and had a full blown panic attack. I don't dare tell her I'm moving across the country until we get her cat through a week at a time. Good grief...we love our work, right Teri?

  15. OH I just loved reading this from the first to the last. I do think it makes a nice little family unit. Love what Tom and Tama said. Welcome back Disco!

  16. Love the comments!

    Disco's doing great back home here, still behaving, no spraying, though someone pee'd in the bathroom sink and he's been known to do that. We all appreciate your support and purrsonal stories, too.

    Annie, I feel like this is where he is meant to be, as long as he tells me he is happy here.

    Daisy, yes some of my kitties do that pretend nursing still, I love it! It's almost like "butterfly kisses"

    Oh, Lolo...I know you are having a rough bit right now, moving and leaving those special clients. I think that is why I have been breeding CRex so long, as it almost feels like an extention of my career as a vet tech. I am sure you understand.


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