Saturday, May 9, 2009

Simply Sunday Morning, Mama's Day

To all the Mommycats and all the CatMommies out there...wishing you a day filled with lots to purr about! Here's the latest Mommycat photos from Furrydance! Coco and babies are doing great! Their sniffles cleared up quickly and their weights continue to gain each day just as we want. The aren't quite at the stage of climbing out of their kitten box, but I did bring out the larger one as they are starting to need a bit more crawling space!

And here's their latest video! You can tell, they are starting to play, nibble and paw at each other--the beginnings of their personalities starting to show. I will have to say that Clover "Loves the Camera" and Daisy is just the "Baby Sister" and Buttercup and Dandelion are very close in size now, with their coat color being the easiest way to tell them apart now!

And here's the first photo I have taken of the newly renamed Sonny (the cat previously known as Keyser Soze). I figured Sonny and Soze are two syllables, similar sounding to the kitty and with a much nicer connotation than his previous namesake! Easier to warm up to a Sonny than a Soze and he needs all the love and warmth he can get right now!

It's only been two days, but already he is head butting me and not growling and huffing like he was on Friday. He is in a 4' x 4' x 2' cage right now, with a cozy tunnel bed on a pet safe heating pad and he likes that. He is resting, not yowling and anxious like his previous owner reported and so far, has not done any urinating outside his litterbox, so he is already making headway!

I hope that going in to work with me tomorrow doesn't knock our budding friendship on it's rump, but if he is too stressed by it, we will just lightly sedate him and use a short acting gas anesthesia, so he isn't scared and so we can do a thorough exam on him, too. And while he is asleep, we can bath him and clean his ears and nailbeds, which he would probably fight if he were awake.

He is very handsome, not much coat right now but that could be stress or nutritionally related...or he could be just one of those Cornish Rex with a thin coat instead of deeply marcelled waves.


  1. That video is just precious!

  2. That one on his back is so cute. Didn't like Mummy washing his butt, though!

  3. What adoreable babies. I especially love the orange one in the front row and the grey tabby in the back.

  4. The babies are looking wonderful! We are so happy to see Daisy and her siblings looking so strong and bright.

    We also like your name change. It sounds much happier and more positive!:)

  5. We loved the video! Sei-Chan, who was sitting in front of the screen, was fascinated by the purring and miaowing!

  6. wow they're getting so big! i can't believe it! i had the clip playing, and hansel was looking all around the window trying to figure out where the baby kitten was calling to him from!

  7. Happy Mother's Day to you! I loved hearing the little bebbeh meows and purrs.

  8. Hi Becky (our newest follower!),

    Thanks for visiting and for your sweet comment, which I accidentally deleted :-(

    Please stop by again, and I'll be more careful next time!

  9. That first photo should be a crime, nothing should ever be that cute! CoCo is such a good mommy...

  10. Oh the baby sounds are the best on this Mother's Day! So adorable and heart melting.

    My love to Sonny especially as he goes thru this transitional period. He looks rather anxious. I will snuggle him with many thoughts of good purrs & loves & warmz...

  11. Those darling babies are going to a handfull in a couple week :-).
    Sending love to Sonny.

  12. We're a day late, but we knew we could get a cute fix here...those babies are gorgeous. It's so nice that you look after all of your kitties, even the ones who move out for a while. Sonny's a nice name,


    Gypsy & Tasha & Karen (Mum)

  13. The kittens are just gorgeous and such a proud mother.

    We like Sonny much better than Soze.

    Purrs to all of you.

  14. OH they're getting cuter all the time... cuddle, cuddle, kiss, kiss!

  15. Oh, how sweet everyone's comments are...kittens make us all sappy and full of babytalk!

    You are right, Misha, babies don't like their mama's rough tongue on their privates! But in another week they will start to eliminate (poo and pee) on their own and then out come the little kitten sized litter boxes!

    Cute to know some kitties were intrigued by the kittens mews!

  16. darn, I signed back on just to watch the kitten video again and chuckle at the biggies beebeh in the first photo of four (the one with the big ears, white nose and mouth and grey fur on the left in back... but I bet you knew which one I meant!)and it says teh video isn't currently available. Just wanted to let you know.

    Instead, I had fun clicking on the photos and looking at them closer up!

  17. Sydney,

    Hmmm, I checked, you are right...I am reloading it. I looked at a couple of other videos and they are working fine...Thanks for letting me know


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