Monday, May 25, 2009

Kitten Mews, Rehab Recap, and other activities...

My, Teri has been busy! Today she is downstairs blogging, so we are having to entertain ourselves and you'll see, things have been purrty busy round the Furrydance house!

Kittens are growing up...they are now eating kitten food and using the litterbox (well, most of the time...they are still learning that one has to stop playing before one gets the urge that they gotta go, NOW!)

Mama Coco and the 4 flowerchildren spent 10 days in the care of our petsitters cuz Teri went to the Ocean to a Hot Rod car show with a friend. She let us stay there for a few extra days cuz we got lots of attention, listened to soothing classical music, and changing from chubby little kittens into svelte and racy CRex...that was the biggest change Teri saw when she picked them up on Saturday! (Oh, she stayed for a while and visited, munched on Guacamole, Salsa, chips and S'Mores along with a few Mojitos with mint fresh from their garden!).

Once back at home, she settled Coco and her kids into the master bathroom as they have outgrown the kitten tent for sure and this is the next step, while they are purrfecting their litterbox skills. They are eating canned food eagerly, playing like kittens do--crabwalking, racing hither and yon, and learning what the "bitey" is all about!

Disco continues to "Behave" and while he did spray once (right next to Teri while she was sitting on the couch, talkin' on the phone) otherwise he is much improved over his previous behavior. He is on anxiety medication, Buspirone, and he seems quite content. Well, not really...cuz he had to start his diet (so that means just cuz he's tubby, we all have to suffer!!).

When he was a showcat, he weighed about 11# and being confined due to his spraying, he ballooned up to over 13#. Teri got him down to 12# feeding him only canned food (The Catkins Diet) but hoped that once he had free run of the house again and 3 levels to exercise in, that he could go back to eating dry food free choice again. Nope! He is very carb-intolerant and got up to 14#, so now he gets canned food twice a day and a few kibbles of dry a couple of times a day.

And in a week he has lost 8 ounces so the diet's working!

Sonny, the cat formerly known as Keyser Soze, is being the purrfect Rehab cat, and has moved out of the Rehab cage to the guest bathroom and is consistently using the litterbox, not yowling, digging, scratching or otherwise acting out, so in another week, he will be able to move into the guest bedroom.

That is the routine at the Rehab clinic here at Furrydance and Teri is happy with his progress so far, based on how bad he was at his previous home especially! The other cats will be a bit upset they won't be able to lay in the sun on the bed in the guestroom--it's the sunniest room in the house and the cats love it...but one has to make adjustments when it comes to the well-being of a kitty with a problem.

And Zephyr, the newest "client" at the Furrydance Rehab Clinic, has only been here 4 days, but seems to be resting and not showing any of the anxiety issues that were reported in her previous home. Those issues included eating holes in clothes, vocalizing, frequent vomiting, and separation anxiety.

She is a very sweet girl, 4 years old with very lovely furs and a lithe body, only weighing 5#. As you can see in this photo, she is in the cage that Sonny was in a couple of weeks ago (of course, all disinfected and deodorized with her own personal bedding and fresh litterbox). She is relaxed, friendly, not vomiting-vocalizing-or eating her cat bed, so Teri is very pleased that she seems so at ease now.

When Sonny moves into the guest room, Zeffie will move into the bathroom and Teri is hoping that after a couple of weeks, she will start introducing Zeffie to Sonny and maybe they will become friends and keep each other company...that's the best case scenario while Teri is evaluating them and then seeking the purrfect home for them...maybe even together like Nacho and Peachie did! That would make Teri very happy!

Teri has had a busy weekend, updating blogs, making photo albums for expectant parents, playing with the kittens, Sonny and Zeffie, with time for a picnic (good thing it was yesterday since it's raining today!) with a smidgen of housework and getting ready for the week at work--gotta iron those uniforms still! In between, thoughts of Spot keep coming to mind but she is glad he isn't hurting anymore and that gives her peace. She ordered a special remembrance bracelet and it arrived on Thursday.

It's sterling silver and has birthstone gems on it, capping the ends of the bracelets hollow space for ashes. so she decided to have one stone be for Spot and one stone be for Bo, her beloved Cornish Rex who went to the Bridge in 2005. Spot's was born in June, so his stone is a Moonstone and Bo's in August, so his is a Peridot. She also got a pretty Cherry box just like Bo's Oak box and put Spot's photo in it.

And, we all know you are anxiously awaiting new kitten pix and movies...and that's what Teri has been working on all day today, and so without further ado...


  1. the water snurgs made me laugh out loud; not always the best thing with a half masticated bagel in yer mouth.

    Life is good; kittens are lovely; mom looks wonderful. Zephyr is amazing, wish I lived closer; I'd be there helpin you out with all that work! My goodness.

  2. How adorable are Coco's babies?!!

  3. I am glad it is good news for Sonny. And those kits are adorable!

  4. Ahh...the water snurgs! They made the video I think!

  5. Those kittens are unbelievably cute! And I'm glad all the rehab kitties are doing well.

  6. Happy to hear you are all doing well!

  7. What a great those kittens!

  8. The kittens are adorable! And we're glad the rehab is going well too!

  9. Those babies are simply adorable!

  10. Oh my, the bebbehs have grown so much! You sure have a lot going on at your house lately. Glad all is going well!

  11. SQUEE!!!! What adorabble kittens! We are glad to read that things are goin well fur all of you.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  12. Sounds like things are good. And the kittens are so cute!

  13. That was a fantastic update! I need to do something about my lil' Reggie, he eats and eats and eats! He is on science diet sensitive stomach kibble, but I'm thinking he needs to go on the weight control one! But I hope that doesn't give him diarrhea again. Decisions, decisions. Maybe he's carb intolerant too.

    I want another kitten now!

  14. Utter cuteness! It gives me such joy to look at these pics and the movie! I've been gone only a week and they are suddenly... huge!

  15. Back to see the video and the kittens are so adorable -- playing, biting feet.. So BIG but I said that already, lol.

    I just smile all the way through all these posts and pictures. It's just pure joy to come to read your blog. I laughed out loud when the gold one was putting it's nose in the water.


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