Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Furrydance Inn

Ok...the one time I told someone I wasn't quite ready to take a cat back, I lost track of them for over a year--emails bounced back, phone # was someone else's now etc...they did finally get back in touch thank I told myself, whenever someone calls, I will say, "yes, bring the kitty back as soon as possible" and figure it out from there.

Well, for the second time in a week, I got that call tonight. This isn't a kitty with "Out-of-Litterbox" issues, but one the owner says has ADHD (runs into windows, yowls, knocks things over, won't sit for long) and Pica (eating non-food items like plastic bags, chews holes in clothes, etc).

I have been working with her for about 6 months with these issues and there has been some improvement, but now the owners are going to be traveling a lot due to caring for elderly parents and they feel her issues will get worse if boarded or just having a pet sitter come in twice a day.

I tend to concur, so I have agreed to take her back. What's my best case scenario? That the girl that tried Disco will find this cat agreeable; that Sonny falls in love with her and that they can be adopted together and all issues resolved; that someone who lost an ADHD, pica-prone Cornish Rex wants another one just like it??

I am actually looking forward to seeing this kitty again and evaluating her. I think she is just a typical CRex, and that this couple were just familiar with their previous English bred Cornish Rex, which are still outcrossed with moggies and could have a different personality all together.

So here we are, on Mother's Day, and I am being the kind of mom, who lets her kids fly away from the nest, but always welcomes them they can get back on their feet again...

Here is a photo of Ms Short Attention Span (who's name happens to be Zephyr...that'll change--we don't need her to live up to her name, right?...she's the one with the short fur, MOL)


  1. I hope that everything works out. The poor thing is probably so stressed.

  2. You are such a good mom to always welcome them back home so they have a fighting chance in the world. How in the world to you help a kitty with pica?

  3. We just had ta come by cuz dat pink wiggie made our momma smile so, so big! She yikes pink lotz! You guyz iz purr-ty cute ☺

  4. It's so good of you to welcome the kitty back. We're hoping for a happy ending.

  5. Not to sound brash and insensitive.......but an ADHD Cornish? Sounds like the family who tried to take care of her doesn't appreciate the qualities that make a Cornish a Cornish. What you described as ADHD is EXACTLY what our CR does and we love him all the more for it! Foolish people! It is their loss!!

  6. These photos are amazing! I don't know much about Cornish Rex, and I'm looking forward to learning more about them here.

  7. AdHD, lol. My lamps are stuck to the coffee tables with double sided tape. The shades always sit at some weird angle. The candle holders must either be taped down or weigh more than 30 pounds or the Giggles will team up with Annie and lean on it till it slides off their napping area. You can see a smile come on their faces as the candle crashes to the floor. Any functioning candles must either be mounted at least eight feet high on the walls or put into a cage so Heesh doesn't burn his whiskers or set his tail on fire.

    Oh, and then there was Annie, the cat who walked on ceilings who somehow managed to pry the back off the dryer, and go inside. Before we could say, "What was that noise?, we could smell smoke." It took at least ten minutes for us to figure out that the dryer wasn't turning, and the clothes were burning. Then we couldn't find Annie so we just KNEW she was dead. We pulled out the dryer, no Annie, we searched the house, we then searched outside the house because maybe she went out the dryer hose?, and two hours later we found her napping in grandma's bed. She had a great big black streak where the belt on the dryer had wrapped around her before it broke. We ended up having to replace the dryer and at least $150.00 of burn or melted clothing.

    Perhaps we should collect stories and write a book on how to live with an eccentric cat.

    Oh, and I won't even mention the damage done by the two used dogs of ours.

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed everyone's comments, especially those naughty Ozark cats!

    Cory, about the only way to help a pica prone cat is to be vigilant about putting away anything remotely attractive to the cat's taste. Anxiety medications can help too, like for Obsessive Compulsive and Separation Anxiety disorders.

    Hi, Kitties @ Our family cat-a-blog! Yes, that pink wig was a splurge and I'm way overdue for another fashion keep checking back...

    Hi Ingrid, love to see you stopping in and learning about these CRex. Most behaviorists and therapists just aren't familiar with them. You would be more than welcome to come for a visit up close and personal anytime!


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