Monday, December 26, 2011

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet 'n More!

Ummm. we almost skipped posting about Disco's diet today cuz, well, ummm...Disco put on few ounces during the Holiday...

But both Disco (and Teri) will get back on track this week and hope to have better results to report by next Monday! Despite the lovely crisp, sunny strollering or walking was done by either Disco or Teri.

Teri did finally finish up her card writing and hanging the rest of the ornaments on our little tree yesterday morning, while we snuggled on our Christmas pillow or inside the Blankie Bag Teri made for us!

Teri gave us our Christmas breakfast (shrimps and chicken sticks) but we turned our noses up at that, which surprised her...she said she thinks she'll stick with baby food next Xmas, or maybe Crab Cakes, hahameow! She didn't let us have any of the Greenies Treats though...maybe we were holding out for them!!

Teri spent the evening with friends on Christmas Day and here's a few pix of the gathering...everyone was full of good cheer and food!

And not to leave out our other chubby mancat, here's some photos of TomTom enjoying his Man Cave!


  1. Hi friends!
    We hope your Christmas was wonderful!!!

  2. Aww, it is so sweet that you has a Christmas pillow! You sure look comfy on it.
    Me sees that Tom-Tom gets to like hims house that Teri makes him. Good fur him. Our also uses hims house. Hooray fur the outside kitties!
    We hopes you haded a wonderful Holiday and that you gets Greenies soon.
    Love, TK

  3. It is easy to put on weight for the holidays isn't it Disco?

  4. It's pretty funny that you use food to keep Disco on the scales! HaHaMeow! It's hard to diet thru the holly-daze. Better luck next week, but Mommy lufs all 15 lbs of that kitteh!

  5. Awww lovely Disco!!! It's the holidays - everyone puts on a few ounces during this festive season!

    Awwww so good to see adorable Tom Tom!

    And great that you all had a most wonderful Christmas get together too! Take care

  6. The holidays wreak havoc on the girth! Happy day after, day after Christmas !

  7. Disco, have you been conspiring with Suey? She fell off the diet train over the last fortnight, too.

  8. We all put on the odd ounce of two of Christmas Disco - had your Mom?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Looks like TomTom could use a little less weight, too! We are glad he lufs his comfy house. Is that a heated pad in there?

  10. Don't be rediculous! From Thanksgiving all the way to New Years Eve there is a rule... NO DIETS allowed! This time is so stressful as it is the only benefit is being able to find the rum balls. (according to That Woman anyway MOL) I love seeing inside the bag of warm! Looks very cozy, and quite the little menage a trois! (including me of course)!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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