Saturday, January 7, 2012

Caturday Saturday

It's Saturday Blog Hop day, and we thought our Friday post was newsy, so we used that one...

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Disco and Brighton got to go out strolling yesterday as the weather is unseasonably warm! They were wearing their new Martha Stewart Fleece Pullovers that Teri got at PetSmart...40% off sale on coats...better than Burlington Coat Factory, hahameow!

Disco's looked like it would fit a Pug...see the resemblance, hahameow! 

Teri is going out walking today by herself she said, so she can use her arm weights, but we think pushing 22# of cats is a workout, so we hope we get to go out again! It's supposed to be 63 degrees here today! That's ok...we B burrowin'

Teri put off a lots of things over the holidays so she could write Christmas cards and decorate the house, so she has lots to catch up with the next few weeks--finishing her will, getting our Cafe Press (or Zazzle, or both till she sees which does better) shop up and running, starting to do cat sitting-making up flyers, maybe doing a new blog just for that, and hoping that she won't have to get a room mate to help us be able to afford to stay in our house!

And a little Coco update...doing great but still no poop! Her bandage was starting to peel off and bothering her, so Teri took it off and her incision looks fine, no bruising or swelling, but she cold packed it this morning anyway. 

And now the bandage is off, Coco is actually bearing some weight on that leg and placing the paw down all the way...maybe the bandage was pinching her and felt funny?


  1. Stopped on by to say hi. Nice to meet all of you. -Bongo

  2. Coco must be healing nicely. YOu look wonderful.


    Mom Carole

  3. Coco looks great. Good thing she has a heated bed to keep her warm after having her leg shaved. Our Mommy thinks that 22 lbs of kitteh is probably a pretty good workout!


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