Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sleepy, Snuggly Sunday...

Our followers might remember us talking about 2 kitties that are part of our extended families, that were having to be rehomed because of litter box issues, Cinnabar and Clement. We thought you would like to have an update!

Specialty Purebred Cat Rescue picked Cinnabar up on Friday December 30th and the foster mom wrote us and said the house was very clean and odor free. They had a gate in between the kitchen/dining area and another room that allowed Cinnabar to go about freely but kept the dog confined to one area. She didn't see a litter box but she was only in one area of the house. 

She said Cinnabar is very handsome and extremely social. Once here he was immediately on her lap and then right up onto her shoulders, purring away. He allowed her to immediately clean his ears and cut his nails. He nibbled at a little food as well.

She took him into their vet on Monday and he got a full exam and a dental prophy and she reported his dental was easy and no extractions. They spent some extra time scrubbing up his canines which were literally black and they look much better. Most of his incisors and 2 premolars are missing. Pocket depth is fabulous--almost all zeros, just one 1, and a couple 1/2s.
Dr. Diane rated his heart murmur a 3. I know that is subjective. She saw no need to consider meds for him.The techs scrubbed up his feet and nails while he was under and his nails are now nice and white too. The FELV/FIV/HTW test was negative.
And on Friday, Cinnabar's foster mom wrote us with the report that Cinni seems to be doing fine. He's quite confident and has just a bit of a 'tude at times. Like momma! You're not petting me enough. NIP. He's been on a bit of a hunger strike the last day or so but otherwise seems fine. She said it's funny to come into his room and find this big lump under all of the bedding. She said she knows better than to try and tidy things up. He prefers otherwise. So far he has been good with his litterbox too.
So, we are furry happy that Cinni is in good hands and being taken care of so diligently by this rescue group! If any of our readers would like to make a donation to a good organization, Teri thinks they certainly would be worthy of support!
And we didn't tell you much about Clement, but he is coming home to us today, so Teri is getting his 'rehab room' ready for him (in between helping us blog). Clem lived in Philadelphia with a young couple who have another girl kitty from us.

He began having 'out-of-litter box' issues when they moved and there are many feral cats that pass by their basement through a 'breezeway' that connects the row houses somehow. That is where he is having problems, and most often when it rains and the odors are stronger and the ferals poop right under the dryer vent!
He also has had periodic problems with his rectum prolapsing slightly and that may have started up some of his pooping outside the box issues, as cats associate pain on urination or defecation with the litter box and often eliminate out of the box in the mistaken thought that it won't hurt there.

His owners wrote Teri a 7 page history, both medical and behavioral, on Clem's life, so Teri could best try to help him and also, if he passes rehab, to be able to find just the right home for him. It meant a lot that Clem's owners took the time and effort to write everything down, as she knows it must have been sad and difficult to do for them.
Teri is very hopeful that she can help him and is grateful that she has the experience and knowledge to do so, as are his owners...we will keep everyone updated on how he is doing here, maybe on Tabby Tuesday, as Clem is a handsome brown tabby!
Here's a couple of photos of him at our house, in the guest bedroom in his 'rehab' cage. His owners brought his bed with him, so that is familiar for him and it's on a heating pad, so that's extra snuggly.

The only snafu was that somehow Disco got the bedroom door open when when we heard hissing, we all ran upstairs to see 'Tub o' Lard' sitting on top of Clem's cage...poor Clem!! Teri locks that door now and is glad that didn't happen tomorrow, while she was gone to work!


  1. Nice to hear the good report on Cinnabar. We hope that you can help Clement and all will be well with them both. Bless you and all the others who help these sweet, special fur babes. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Thank you for an update! It's a relief to know that Cinnabar is in such good hands, and that Clement is home, hopefully he'll feel better and confident enough to make another Mommy very happy some day.

  3. We hope everything works out well for these beauties so they can get new furever homes.

  4. While we are sorry their homes did not work out for them, we are happy they will have another chance. We purr they both do well :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

  5. Thanks fur the update. So glad to hear these babies are being taken care of. Mommy finds it hard to believe that the Disco she knows and loves would efur do anything such as harassing a new rehab patient. MOL!

  6. We are happy to hear of Cinnabar's good fortune! YEAH!

  7. We are glad that things are werkin out well fer both of them!

  8. It will be really interesting to see how Clement does - I'm looking forward to the reports!

  9. Interesting reports! Me is purraying for them both!

  10. Oh this is excellent. Good luck with the rescue kitties. Nice to see you again! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  11. We are glad everything is working out well for Cinnabar, and we hope Clement's rehab works out well too.

  12. Oh poor Clement! We're purring for him. And nice to hear Cinnebar is happy.

    I think you are the only breeder I know that actually has a lifelong interest in her cats. You cheer me up!

  13. I am SO happy to learn about Cinnabar God bless that dear one. And please please tell Disco I am SO sorry I missed his 7th birthday and send him beated wishes and lots of love.

    He knows I love him. Told him so. He heard me.

  14. ExCUUUSE ME? WHAT did you call my beloved! SACRILIDGE! INFIDEL! We are happy for the kitties but really Miss T you needed run down the MAGNIFICENT, ADORABLE, FANCATSTIC MANCAT that is really THE STAR!

    Ms. Stella (to the rescue!)

    PeeSss: I am going to see to it that my attorney files slander charges on Mr. D's behalf. Really! Name calling is so last century.

  15. Hi. I just discovered your blog and read about Cinnabar and the rescue group taking him. As a cat rescue volunteer, it is great to hear that a cat is in good hands with a rescue group. I originally searched for info on Cornish Rex because I am doing a photo session for a Cornish Rex. In addition to animal volunteering I also do pet photography. I am all about animals :)


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