Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Whisker Hump Wednesday

Gotta catch those winter rays when you can! This is Helix, who is one of our extended family and he lives in Washington state, who is tanning his 'humps', hahameow!

Oh, and some more gratuitous Whisker Humps...for you know who! Smooches 


  1. Lucky him to have found a moment when there is sunshine!

  2. Looks like Helix is catchin sum really nice sun. Mom's goin all crazy fur that whisker hump shot! Totally kissable.

  3. Nice sunbathing shot!! And smashing whisker humps :)

  4. Helix!! Those are gorgeous whisker humps! Yay! Take care

  5. Gorgeous Humps! Me is in love!

  6. *sueip*


    That Woman
    (on account of Ms. S being unconcious -but smiling- on the floor)

  7. Unkle Diskerss, you are such a mancat!

    Helix is very handsome too.
    Mom was so happy to blab a long time with you tonight and get all of the latest and greatest news on Missie Cocoflowermommy. Milesington is twirling with happiness

    Miles: HI MOMMIECOCO!!

    bonks and bronks to all of you.
    Such great photos, we showed them to daddy and he thinks Clement and Cinnabar are both very handsome doods. Boys ROCKKKKK

  8. That is a nice sun spot.
    You have very manly whisker humps Disco.

  9. Furry sweet kissable whisker humps!

  10. TBT loves whiskers. He saves ours in a fancy little jar.

  11. Great cat photos! I'm have trouble getting good shots of Pumpkin because he often casts his eyes down and won't look at the camera. I guess he's shy! And he certainly won't roll over on his back! Much too dangerous, in his mind.

  12. Wow a great looking cat. I have 4 cats which 1 I rescued from outside which has multiple cancers named Angel and 3 came from shelters (Willow, Minnie & Cindy). I have been looking for someone who can take photos of my cats like you have. If you don't mine me sharing a article I wrote on fostering cats & dogs Tax Deductions for Fostering Stray Cat & Dogs

  13. What a great photo! The lighting and the texture of Helix's fur against the bed he is sun-napping in is beautiful!


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