Monday, January 2, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

Yes...the numbers don't lie...15# 3 oz! 

And you might think that Teri shaved all the furs off Disco's back to get him to lose a few ounces...but no, that's just how his mutant furs grow (and you all know, Teri does shave him from time to time in hopes one day his furs will not grow back in strange tufts and hummocks, hahameow!)

So, we are trying something new with Disco's diet for the next month...we ALL get free choice Young Again kibble in our bowls...we never see the bottom of the bowl...

Does that seem like a diet? Well, not really but we are trusting Michael, the founder of Young Again advice to lay off the Hill's t/d kibble treats and the few morsels of TomTom's dry food that Teri tosses us when she puts out food for him outside, and at least for the next month, no other food except for Young Again.

Even though Disco was used to eating it for the past 5 weeks, once he could eat it whenever he wanted instead of  tablespoons of it doled out 4 times a day....he ummm, got a little diaper rash cuz he got the 'squirts'. But Teri put him on a gut antibiotic for a few days and he is back to normal now. Funny, but the other kitties had no problems at all with the food transition. 

Young Again 50/22 kibble has a nutrient profile that Teri likes.,  50% protein (from animal sources not plant proteins--she doesn't think we need blueberries, carrots and apples, hahameow!), a balanced fat level of 22% and less than 5% carbs.

Here is a good article from Young Again's website talking about obesity in cats...we're not naming names here...just sayin'

Well, as they say...What have we got to lose, right ?! We could all tone up a bit. Even Coco has put on  over a pound since she was spayed in May and Sammy's put on 2# since he was neutered in March... and TomTom...well, he just might need his 'blubber' this winter, so he's chowing down on our non-low carb kibble so it's not going to waste, hahameow!


  1. He's still a handsum devil. Mommy sends kisses to all those tufted spots. xoxo

  2. hope it works...and yeah, Disco is a strangely not nekkid kid. :) And mom would love to scritch TomTom's cheeks (even though she knows he won't allow it).

  3. Hi, Disco is so cute... have a lovely 2012!
    Auntie Marilia

  4. Goodness, we kitties know a cat needs a bit of extra fat to get through the winter. (Humans too, or at least that's what our staff tells us.)


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