Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not-So-Wordless Wednesday--Late Edition...

We stayed off the computer today from 8am - 8pm in support of No SOPA! Well, it really wasn't that hard cuz Teri was at work and the MacBook was turned off, hahameow! And we were nappin, of course!

So here it is 10pm and before we followed Teri up to 'her' bed, we wanted to tell you that she is going to be on BlogTalk Radio tomorrow! 

Yep, last week Teri was letting us visit a few furrends and we read on The Conscious Cat that anyone could have a reading from an Animal Communicator, Dr Monica Diedrich.

Dr Diedrich is going to be on Sandy Robins radio show, Pawsitively Pets, and people were been invited to call in and as questions about their pets, living or dearly departed. 

Sandy Robins is a pet lifestyle expert, a contributor at and, author, and columnist on several pet-centric websites and magazines. We had never listened to her show before, but you can be sure we will have to tune in tomorrow and watch for future shows that interest us!

Dr. Monica Dietrich has been featured on many radio and television shows connecting animals and their humans, through these psychic interactions. We had not heard of her before, but she has written many books and Teri said she will have to visit her website and learn more about her, too! 

Maybe that Doctor Lady will be able to tell Teri how to understand us better and that would help us get more lap time, more treats and more laser light ya think? 

Teri is intrigued, especially after being at BlogPaws and talking with some attendees who had sessions with Sonya Fitzpatrick and came away with knowledge about their pets that they didn't know how to 'see' before. 

She knows since our Dad died, that her heart has kinda been closed up and she'd like to know how to help us help her...we know we do!

Sandy asked what questions she would like Dr Diedrich to address to us. Teri said she would like to know what her 'heart cat' Bo would say about his life with her and what he advice he would give her about to keep us happy and then we can keep her happy, too.

Teri said she would truly love to be able to be at home, sitting on her bed where she kissed Bo goodbye, but she will be at work, so she can't do that. So she will bring a photo of him, his urn and his favorite bed to work with her and try to find a quiet place where she can focus on him.

We've only listened to a couple of talk shows on BlogTalk Radio, from Pets Teach Us So Much and we wish we had more time to tune in to shows like that! 

But, if any of our followers want to check out Sandy Robin's show tomorrow, Dr Diedrich will be doing live interviews between 1 - 2pm EST. Here's the link to get there:


  1. That sounds really cool! I'm going to try to get Mom to listen in!

  2. How awesome! I can't wait to find out what the Animal Communicator human has to say!

  3. That is so cool! Me wonders what Hissy Old Licorice would say?
    We will try to listen. Kisses

  4. How exciting! Mommy would luf to do that. She lufs that pic of three kittehz in a bag! xoxo

    Pee Ess - be sure to post how it goes tomorrow.

  5. That sounds realy good, mum has often wondered about seeing an animal communicator and thinks it will be realy good. looking forward to hearing all about it.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. This is great that MissieTeriflower can be on the radio. I hope she put the radio on for all of you to listen in
    Sad anniversaries are something we have to face, but we really do not want to- and we do close our hearts.
    Tomorrow will be Caesar's anniversary when he went quietly to the Rainbow Bridgie with out telling mom, only 4 years ago!
    Miles and I will be purring for a great and sunny day today

    HUGE bonks

  7. I was really touched by what Bo told you through Dr. Monica. Did it resonate with you?

  8. Dear Terry,
    Me again. Me gived yous a sweet award today! Stop by my blog and pick it up!

  9. We love the pic of the 3 cats in the "bun warmer." (We can't think what else to call it.)

  10. I LOVED HEARING YOU when I got to listen to the broadcast tonight. I loved what she said and if you weren't all choked up I sure was! I don't put much stock in pet psycho's but this lady seemed very nice. I'm glad she answered your question and I loved hearing that Bo was your soul mate. Bast Be Proud!

    That Woman

    pppeessss: We are having homemade tacos this evening and El & her friends were here helping make them, it was fun having all them listening too (they are guys btw) and going 'awwwwwww' and saying 'That is so Cool!'. off to eat now.

  11. Well, we know "love the one yer with" matters an werks.

    Memories matter. But "today" matters too. Ya can't live in the past.


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