Friday, January 6, 2012

Fashion Friday...

For the next 8 weeks or so, Fashion Fridays will be dedicated to Coco, the ladycat fashionista of Curlz and Swirlz...who is also recuperating from Patellar Luxation surgery.

And as ladies all know, it's hard to look your best from a 'hospital bed'...but Coco will show you how to put one's best paw forward and work the camera, hahameow!

Here she is on Wednesday, resting at cat hospital where Teri works, with a cute pink Good 'n Plenty bed with a Snuggle Safe inside...a little bleary eyed from the pain meds, but comfortable, even in the Cone.

Coco is being a great patient...calm (the pain meds help that) and eating (a tasty buffet of whatever might tempt her) and resting comfortably in her 'private room aka kitten tent'.

Teri emailed Dr Lotsikas a progress report yesterday and he was pleased! Here's a couple of pix Teri took in the VOSM lobby, waiting for Coco to be released on Wednesday...Cute, huh?!

Teri told Dr L 'Coco is doing great! I think the roughest part is when she is in her carrier with the 'cone of shame' bonking up against the sides and door of the carrier, lol.

I am not sure if your technician Nicole told you, but at home she is confined to a 'Siberian Husky' sized tent/crate that she is very comfortable and used to as it was the 'birthing tent' when she had kittens. That certainly makes it easier on both her and I, and the tent is in my bedroom, so it's both quiet and the perfect size, with enough room for heated bed, shallow litter pan and food/water.

She let me sit with her for 10 minutes last night and today at noon with cold compress (plastic 'ice cubes in a ziploc bag wrapped in a wash cloth) for 10 minutes each time, and so far there is no visible swelling at all. The Bup is keeping her quiet and that's good.

She is at work with me today and then I am off work for 3 days, so she will be in her tent, with her cone, with time out on my lap and without the cone while I am right there with her. She is eating canned food well and has had 2 urinations but no BM yet, so I will watch for that by tomorrow and will let you know if she goes or not. She may be reluctant to squat to have a BM but she was fine with her first, long...urination. I know the pain meds can affect gut movement, so I will be sure to let you know if she hasn't gone by tomorrow. 

Thanks again for everything and I will see you in a month (we'll remove the sutures where I work if all looks A-OK) and I will be writing a blog post about her every Friday during her recuperation and rehab.

Today, there was a little swelling below the incision but it went down after Teri iced it for 10 minutes and Coco is even laying on the left side now, so she feels comfortable enough to do that and that's good. She is toe-touching and using the leg when she gets up and rearranges herself, too.

Tomorrow, Teri will reduce her pain meds to every 12 hours instead of every 8 hours. Coco has probably eaten about 6 ounces of canned food since she got home, so her appetite isn't back to normal yet, but Teri said Coco needs to poop tomorrow...reducing the pain meds will help in that department she hopes. 

And here's the Fashion part of this Friday post...Coco in a stunning pink 'bed jacket' just like the movie stars of the 40's wore...Teri said she'd have flowers in her 'room' but she'd eat send purrs in lieu of flowers, hahameow!


  1. we love your bed jacket - lovely. and mom laughs about the comment about the flowers. :) we are sending lots of healing purrs!!!

  2. Coco, we are so happy you are doing so well! You look MAH-vel-ous, even laid up!

  3. We are so glad to hear Coco is doing well. Bless her heart, she looks really good. We'll continue to purr fur her healing. xoxo

  4. Love the pink bed jacket on you, Coco. You look more bright-eyed. We're sending more purrs for your rehab!

  5. Furr lovely bed jacket, Coco! And we are sooo thankful dat your surgery went sooo well so far!

    Purring fur your complete healing.

    Katie and Da Katz Gang

  6. Coco is so lucky to have such a knowledgable nurse! I am sure her recovery will go smoothly. And she looks awesome in her bed jacket!

  7. The first pic puts me in mind of Ava Gardner! lol She so knows she's a star! Glad she's doing better x

  8. Awwww beautiful Coco!! You are a true STAR and fashion icon!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are doing so well - and looking so chic and stylish - after your surgery! Yay! Take care

  9. I have a kennel that's been used more for cat recuperation than for me! Seriously, I hope Coco heals quickly.

  10. me is so happy that yous writed a great catch up post and let us see Coco in her finery. Me is purraying that everything progresses well in her recooperation.

  11. We are glad you are doing well Coco. You look very glamorous in your bed jacket.

  12. Oh Coco, you look so glamorous in your pretty pink bed jacket. I hope you are all better soon!


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