Friday, September 17, 2010

Caturday Saturday

What's under your sofa? This is a cute facebook post by a couple who have 2 Furrydance kitties.

Cat treasures, fished out from under the downstairs sofa... 2 rubber bands, a milk bottle cap, yellow fish, various cat chewy toys, a popsicle stick, bits of paper, blue porpoise, 2 armbands from my eye surgery, a pot scrubber, etc., etc., etc.....

When we visited Boris Kitty's blog this morning, we found out that World's Best Litter is donating cat litter to shelters and rescues, just like 'Give Kibble'!! We didn't even know about this, but looks like the campaign started in June this year and the first area included was Washington DC...right near where we live! And we weren't even aware of it!

World's Best Cat Litter launched it's World's Best Cat Litter Charity. By clicking on the banner on our sidebar, you can vote daily for 45 days to donate pounds of World's Best Cat Litterª to shelters and organizations devoted to helping cat communities.
This time it's 3 shelters and rescues in the Los Angeles area.

You might think about adding the banner and link to your blog page, too and make some needy kitties very happy!


  1. It makes me want to check under my sofa too...

  2. We hide everything under the computer desk and the oven.

  3. I haven't made mom go diving for awhile. Good reminder.

  4. Wow. I *really* don't want to look under my sofa. I suspect that it is a motherload of lost cat toys! yikes!!

  5. Wow! I looked under my sofa and I found a lot of things I do not remember anymore!
    Keep cats!

  6. We find very similar items under our chairs too!!!

  7. Oooooooooo....Mom!!! Look under the sofa,we need some toys!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the tip ;) heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  8. There's lotsa stuff under Mom's dresser, the stove and under the living room chair! It's like getting all new toys when Mom cleans house!

  9. Hi Everyone!! Sorry, we havent' posted in a while...was nice reading up on how things are going and seeing THE BABIES!!! You guys are all so photogenic and you are so good about looking right at the flashy beast. Tiny and I don't like the flashy beast even when it doesn't flash so we always turn away or stick our tongue out or start cleaning parts, but you guys are so well behaved...I'm so impressed!! Oh, how did all that stuff get under the sofa?? Did you hide it there? The only thing we have in our sofa is fun. I'll have to go hide something now...maybe some chicken!! or a mouse!! yeah, a MOUSE!! COOL!!! Purrs, Lautrec


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