Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Leash on Life?...Nulo Week 4

Oh, Disco has soooo many people and cats rooting for him, sympathizing with him, and hoping he can achieve his goal of weighing 12 pounds by Thanksgiving...so much so that one furrend asked me if I ever had his thyroid checked because he reminded her of a hypothyroid cat.

Why, yes he does! Although hypo (low) thyroidism is quite rare in cats, it is quite common in dogs and well, they look just like Disco--fat, slow moving, strange haircoat (well, his is strange because he is supposed to be naked!), I run bloodwork on him every year, but because he is young, the thyroid test was never included as mostly we look for hyper (overactive) thyroid in cats...

So, I am taking him in to work with me tomorrow and we will run some thyroid tests and the results will be back on Thursday. If he is hypothyroid, there is a medication he can take. If he isn't, well, we will 'soldier on' and 'fight the good fight' to get 'Simply Fit' with Nulo as our nutritious guide!

So, as far as the diet goes, I cut back on his feeding of dry Nulo to 1/8th cup twice a day and he is eating more of the canned, but I still worry he might not be getting the proper amount of nutrition and vitamins and minerals if he is not eating 'enough' but for now, I will hope that his canned food consumption will increase and he will be able to go to all canned soon.

He did drop 2 ounces this week, but is hungry he says! While I was around him over the holiday weekend, I tried the small amounts numerous times a day and that worked well. I did take him out strollering but am afraid I was the only one burning calories on that trip! But maybe he burned a few from 'visual stimulation'?

I was bad and didn't make him stairclimb but once during the past week, but will try to do better this week! As a sidenote, what he doesn't finish, Kiki is more than happy to polish off, same with Coco, and Sammy the stud cat likes Nulo canned leftovers, too! Brighton...well, he must be holding out in sympathy with Disco?


  1. Best of luck to Disco; the thyroid test sounds like a good idea...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Disco is really having a hard time of it! I wonder if anything will show on the thyroid tests.

  3. Well, whatever his weight is, we are sure he will look good at it...

  4. Good luck with the tests, Disco. We will be rooting for the best results. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  5. If he's hypo, yes, it's easier to treat, really, than hyper-t (my Annie is hyper-t).

    The meds are cheap (I'm hypo-t myself, have been on Synthroid for over 2 decades), especially at a regular pharmacy.

    It IS rare in cats, though! Very rare. Good luck; I'll be interested in finding out the results of the blood work.

  6. Disco, I can tell you are trying your very hardest!

  7. Disco darling, me and mom are pulling for you and we want you to eat and be well too. MUAH! Mom said she loves you.

  8. Good luck Disco. If you are hypo at least it will explain why your diet isn't working.


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