Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Mews...

Where did 4 days go? (Well, if you take lots of naps, the days do seem short, don't they!) Mewmmie slept in (we let her) every day and that was nice, she said! She planted all the small plants she bought a couple of weeks ago (that means the ones that need big holes dug for them are still in pots).

She was going to BBQ a steak but our electric grill bit the dust. She kinda thought it was deaded after catching fire a couple of weeks ago--got up to 600 degrees and she put out the flames with baking soda and unplugged it. So when she turned it on last heat at all. Well, guess it's back to briquets and lighter fluid, ugh she says! So she made pork chops instead.

Why are we telling you this, when none of the food was for us...well, to let you know where part of the 4 days went, hahameow! Then she had ironing, house cleaning, scrubbing and disinfecting 8 litterboxes, blogposts to write, movies to watch (she loved '9') and was going to watch Temple Grandin tonight but it got too late...

But we didn't have to labor at all this weekend, but we did get some goodies just for being US! We gots some new Kong catnip toys--refillable cuz mewmmie likes that since they grow nip at the Cat Hospital where she works (which by the way, thrives with no care and ours barely gives us much 'stash' all summer!)

And then, cuz she got a refund from her mortgage company, she set aside part of it to pay off a big chunk of Brighton's big vet bill from his urinary blockage in June, but she also splurged and got us this cool cat tree! She said it looks more like furniture so blends (huh, is that important?) and so far only Brighton has tested it out, but you know how purrsnikitty cats can be about 'liking' new things!

And then...we gots that new stroller that Brighton has been begging for (saying pink is okay, in fact is Skeezix's favorite color so that makes it Mancatly! It's all the other decorations and sequins and stuff on the Pink Catillac that embarrasses him!). Because mewmmie is mewmmie, she did purrsonalize it, but in a 'mancatly' way, with 'Go Green' and 'Save the Earth' patches...

She took Brighton and Disco out for a test drive on Saturday and they rode for an hour! 4 miles! and it was almost dark when they got home! But they had fun, didn't get chased by any dogs (mewmmie was thinking she should carry something to scare off mean dogs?) and while they didn't burn off any calories, mewmmie did and that's a plus!

Now for kitten news! Little Fifi is doing great, eyes open and such a sweet face! Hard to believe she is 2 weeks old now! She weighs 672 grams (about 23 ounces). Of course, right now she is totally dependant on momma Kiki for everything, including a playmate (kinda sad...) but in another week, she will get introduced to Spottie and Dottie and soon they will be able to play together. For now, it's Kiki and mewmmie that are providing playtime fun!

Spottie and Dottie are a little 'under the weather this weekend and if they aren't feeling better by tomorrow, they will go into work with mewmmie. She isn't sure if they had too much time out of the bathroom this weekend and didn't nurse as much, or whether the dose of Revolution she gave all the adult cats on Friday affected them through nursing (but it didn't last month) or if they have a tummy bug that is upsetting them (their first fecal test was negative for everything, including Giardia antigen)...but on Saturday, Spottie lost 9 grams instead of gaining the 10-15 grams she should.

And then Sunday, she lost 18 grams and vomited twice. So mewmie started her on fluids and antibiotics. This morning she had gained 10 grams...but her appetite is not eager, but no more vomiting. Then this afternoon, Dottie threw up once and had the 'sqwitters' and lost 8 grams, so mewmmie started her on meds, too. They both seem tired tonight but no more vomiting, but they aren't wanting to eat on their own, but will if mewmmie spoon feeds them.

It's a worry, in case it's something contagious to little Fifi, so Teri is keeping a close eye on everyone and is hoping that it will resolve once Spottie and Dottie are confined again and get back into the usual routine...we'll keep you posted! But here are some photos taken Saturday, when they were still perky! (The little girl holding Dottie is our petsitters youngest, sweet, huh?!)

Oh, and Disco...he will get a post of his own (but he's not wasting away...he's still stuck on that 'Plateau'...)


  1. That is a very cool looking cat tree! How luck you are!

  2. Love the new cat tree, where did you find it?...We have 2 strollers and use them all the time!...Fifi is precious!...Sorry to hear about Spottie and Dottie, hope those adorable girls feel better soon...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Sometimes I think humans work harder on Labor Day weekend than they do on their jobs! And your human had her hands full with Spottie and Dottie being sick on top of everything else that went on! I LOVE the cat tree! I will make sure to show it to my human.

  4. Congratulations on the new cat tree, which is gorgeous, and the new stroller. Kiki is a little cutie. I hope that Dottie and Hattie feel lots better very soon.

  5. I can't remember anything right. I meant that I hope that Dottie and Spottie feel much better soon.

  6. We're purring for those little ones...

  7. Hope the two babies feel well soon!!!!

    Sending them some magical Bear healing vibes!

    ~Bear & Amelia~

  8. We're sending many purrs to Spottie and Dottie - hope they are all right! Please let us know when you can.

    And we're very impressed by your beautiful new cat tree and your new stroller. We think Brighton and Disco are very brave to go in the stroller!

    XXX from the Mishkat cats

  9. Your cat tree is fabulous! I looks like it could be made by the same maker as our Lotus Cat Tree.

    I hope Spottie and Dottie are all better soon!

  10. my mommeh says we HAS to know where you gotted that kitteh tree, it would go perfect in our new living room! wunnerful stroller too, we still has not gotted ours that was promised to us... hmph. hoping everybuddy starts to feel better quick, you has a lotta sickies over at your place lately!

  11. Your young kittens are so precious.

  12. That has got to be THE best picture ever of that adorable baby! I can't imagine one better. It's as though a pro had taken it.

    I am purring for the babies and hope to goodness they will be steady today and improved on their own. I wonder what on earth happened there? Kisses to all of them.
    Disco darling..I don't think it's your fault, sweet one. You'll start to loose when the time for you to lose comes. Kisses to you baby.

    Brighton, everyone..Kiki, Spotty and Dotty..everyone get better.

    Hugs to all of you.

  13. We are purring for Spottie and Dottie to feel better.
    The new cat tree is lovely.

  14. Well, darn those plateaus. Disco, you are defying the odds and we are enjoying it. I sure hope you are not suffering --- so, um, where are you stashing the snacks? under the couch?

    Spots and Dots are adorrrrabibble. I sure hope they are feeling better now.
    It is so good they are under a watchful eye.

    The stroller is cool. Mom would never take us outside. She thinks Miles would love it too much.

    we love the cat tree. It is klassy, unlike our cardboard extravaganza here, which is so decorative too. NOT

    Fifi is so cute we have no words, just stunned by the adorableness.

    bonkbonkbonk to all of Miles cousins and uncles and aunties and mommy Coco especially!

  15. Sorry, we cant get past that AWESOME kitty tree! We is just stunned. Efrytime we see one we want The Big Thing ta make, we see another we like better.

    No wonder he waits a while until we really know what we want...


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