Friday, September 10, 2010

Frootbat Friday!

Sigh, we can’t think of Frootbat Friday without thinking of our friend Luxor...oh how we miss him and his handsome ears (and face and furs and svelte physique...).

First off on this Frooty Friday...Spot and Dot are 99.9% better now, thanks to nursing care and tincture of time. Teri took them in to work with her again on Wednesday so they could get their fluids under the skin and their nausea injection as on Tuesday overnight, someone did vomit again.

They still weren’t eating on their own, so numerous times during the day on Wednesday, she spoon fed them and by the evening they had gained 10 grams. But overnight, they lost some again but no more vomiting.

So they went into work again on Thursday but didn’t need any more fluids or injections and ate on their own. Today they are romping and playing in the bedroom and all the canned food was eaten overnight (maybe by Coco, but this morning the kittens were eager to eat on their own, a good sign!)

And next, an update on ‘His Chubbiness’, Disco! Well, he isn’t hypothyroid! We didn’t think he would be as the only hypothyroid cats that come into our vets are ones that had radio iodine treatment and they are the rare ones that get too low after treatment--even that happening is unusual!

But, it was something to check for to ‘rule out’, and we also checked his liver function and red blood cells to make sure his anxiety meds (Paxil) weren’t affecting him in that way. But all the tests were A-OK!

So, our vet reviewed his feeding schedule and calculated his caloric needs based on her exam and knowing him well and his (lack of) activity level recently, and we discovered that he is eating WAY TOO MANY CALORIES! (even though he would argue that fact!).

Even though Nulo staff calculated what he needed to eat in order to lose weight, even they say ‘Your cat’s requirements may vary due to activity level and environment.’ And they have never met him personally, so I certainly don’t fault their calculations at all.

They had him eating 2.6 oz of canned twice a day and 0.2 cups (slightly less than 1/4 cup) twice a day and that calculated out to almost 350 calories. Dr E calculated his needs using a chart she has, and she calculated that he should be eating between 145-195 calories a day!!

So, no wonder he is stuck on a plateau! So now he will be eating 1/4 cup of dry in the morning, and 1/8 cup dry in the evening along with 1/4 can of wet food, and a treat of 1/8 cup of dry at bedtime. That will give him about 190 calories a day. I am still going to order some Nulo Treats as I hear cats like them so much that they are even doing tricks for them!.

Disco sits on the counter by the cookie jar that has t/d ‘treats’ in it and they are high in fat and calories, so he hasn’t been able to eat them (oh, I sneak him on every few days...) but the Nulo Treats he could have one a day...

Fifi is doing fantastic and is almost big enough to climb out of her kitten box, so probably this weekend she will transitiion to the open ended box so she can crawl around and get strong muscles, hahameow!

As soon as Spot and Dot are back to normal 100%, she will let them meet Fifi and they can start playing and having fun together (under supervision of course as they are a month older and could be a little rough with baby Fifi right now).

This weekend there is a big cat show here, one of the largest in the country, and while I am not showing anybody there, Brighton will be attending as ‘Ambassador Cat’ to promote his breed and let the public pet him and have their pictures taken with them.

Of course, the ‘Pink Catillac’ will be there too, as it’s always a crowd pleaser and gives him a place to relax inbetween photo shoots, hahameow! Teri will be there too, or course, with the Cornish Rex display and to have fun with friends...eating, drinking and socializing.

She has spent more than her piggy bank held on cat toys and accessories lately, so she hopes she doesn’t find anything she can’t resist buying there, as there are always lots of vendors selling cool cat stuff!

She picked a bunch of catnip and will be passing that out to her cat friends, and will go to dinner with the humans catnip for them! She’ll be sure to take some pictures of the weekend fun! She probably won't have much time to visit our CB friends over the weekend, but hope you all have something fun planned, too!

We are 'testing' out the new Skinneeez cat toys, this weekend. The Spot Company sent us some free toys for us to 'test' and report on. So far, the kittens like them the best, as they are small and easy to carry around. We kinda wish they were refillable with nip or squeeked, but this is something new to try. We think dogs would like their dog sized Skinneeez better than us cats like them...We're just sayin'...

And mewmmie just ordered us our very first Plague Rat from Nip and Bones!! We sure have been spoiled lately, haven't we?! We were very excited to find them there as we thought you could only get them from England! Click here to order your very own!



  1. Glad to hear the little ones are feeling better and that little FiFi is almost able to get out of her little box. And we hope everything is ok for Disco. He is a cutie! Hoping you guys have a BLAST at the cat show!

  2. I feel MUCH better about Disco. I can't wait to see how he is and thank goodness for an addy for the Plague Ratsie!!!

  3. I saw some of the show on the news this morning and was wondering if you would be there. :)

  4. Good Golly! We miss a couple of days visiting and you have all this news!
    Purrs for Spotty and Dottie to get up to 100% and then some. FiFi is adorable, she is going to have such a pretty gray coat!
    Disco, we feel for you...diets are No Good but as you lose you will feel SO much better! We all play a lot more since Mommy forced us to slim down.

  5. We are glad to hear that everyone is doing ok, and that Fifi is going to get to play with Spot and Dot soon!

    And poor Disco - having to eat less food - we bet it will take a while for him to get used to that!

  6. We are glad the babies are feeling better and eating. Poor Disco, his tummy will think his throat's been cut, but it is all for his own good. Hope the diet starts to work now it has been reviewed.

  7. Glad to hear Spot and Dot are doing better and Fifi is doing so well...Poor Disco, we hope his new diet will help him lose some weight and he can have a few more treats :)...Hope you and Brighton have a great time at the Cat Show, Teri...Happy weekend, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. We're very happy that Spot and Dot are better! And Fifi is incredibly cute (we are partial to torties around here!)

    Also good to know that Disco was apparently eating too much and that was why he wasn't losing weight (although we are sure that he wasn't happy to hear that!)

    Hope you and Brighton have a great time at the cat show - he will be a wonderful ambassador.

  9. Glad to hear that Spot and dot are doing better! We enjoyed every kitty's picture today! We're glad Disco is okay and hope the new feeding schedule works. Have fun at the show! We wish we could go to see Brighton!

  10. Hmmm... your comments about Disco's calories make me wonder how many calories my old pal Tiger is getting a day. I would guess about five thousand, but hey, I'm a cat. I'm not even sure what a calorie looks like or how many he can fit in his mouth at one time! Plague rats... I like it! I get to tear them apart AND feel like I'm giving something back to the world for preventing the spread of disease!

    Neyland D. Catt

  11. Poor Disco! We're purring he's not hungry... that Fifi looks sweet.

  12. That picture of Mr. NoFurNo made me pee my pants laughing!

    The babies are darling & so happy they are doing well under your careful, loving attention.

    Did I say Mr. NoFurNo made me pee my pants? Well he DID!

    Mr. Brighton is the bomb & I only wish I could be there to have my picture taken with him too!

    Mr. Luxor looked to be a stunningly beautiful ethereal creature if ever Bast has created one! WOW!

    Did I happen to mention...
    no; I won't say it again, but I must run to Kinko's now & get that shot of His Eminence blown up life size.

    That Woman

    P.ESSSS; Ms. Stella here; I've been put on some sort of restriction after my last post owing to the fact that SOME cats around MY house can't take the truth! PPPHHHHBbbbbbtttt! Anyhow, sneaking in here to send my heartfelt love to Mr. NoFurNo. If you were here, I'd chase yer sexie tail all the day long!

    "Disco UP!"

  13. That's great that Spot and Dot are better, and Fifi is growing! I was wondering about Disco's caloric intake being a little more than what he was burning. Dieting is no fun and I bet he will complain to have his food intake cut down! Too bad he does not understand how much better he will feel if he weighs less.

  14. We've been a bit busy and not visiting all our freinds' blogs so hadn't realized Spottie and Dottie were sick. It is good to hear they are doing a lot better. Little Fifi sure is cute!

    Sounds like maybe the new diet amounts might end up doing the trick to help Disco lose some weight. But I bet he will complain!!

  15. Good news that Spot and Dot are doing well. Poor Disco - his tummy will be rumbling - but it is better than being a lardy cat.
    We hope you and Brighton have fun at the show.

  16. Well, it seems that everything has been confoosin fer a while but is settling down an working out for the best. Hope ya all continue ta get better...

  17. Thanks for supporting us, Disco! We're enjoying this Nulo challenge, and I'm glad to see your vet has you on the right track! Keep at it!

  18. OHHHH! Kittens! Kittens! Wow, it's great to visit here again and see all the activity. Everyone is looking wonderfully adorable, as always. And I'm glad to hear everyone's getting healthier.

    Hope you had a fantastic summer and a great time at the show this past weekend!

  19. I tried to send a comment just now and somehow it got lost. ANyway, thanks for visiting our blog. It gave us a chance to visit yours. We are in love with your cats - ALL of them.

  20. Poor Disco - it is for his own good. Glad to hear all the little ones are doing better - boy you do have your hands full!

  21. Luxor and Brighton are my favorites. Luxor looks like he was an angel put on Earth to feast the eyes and soul on him.
    Are those Plague Rats finger puppets or dangly toys, or what? They look like something VirtuaCat just has to have!
    -Doc Truli

  22. I love this blog!
    Every day I visit your page.


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