Thursday, September 30, 2010

Disco's Up 4 oz...Week 8

There's an explanation, honestly and it just goes to show that even a little more food, even with a little more activity can have it's consequences!

Our Teri was away with Disco's buddy Brighton, at a cat show in Ohio last weekend and she was gone for 4 days! Coco and Kiki were confined to the bedroom and Disco had free run of the house...but it's pretty obvious he didn't RUN anywhere!

Teri even had our petsitters come in twice a day instead of once a day so they could measure out Disco's food instead of just leaving a bowl of dry food out for him to gorge on. She also asked them to get him to 'Stairclimb' twice a day, too...which is more than she'd been doing! To make it a little easier on them, she had them feed him 1/4 cup of dry Nulo in the morning and evening, and 1/4 can of Nulo each time, too.

That's a little more dry than Teri had been feeding him (1/8 cup of dry and 1/8 can of wet in the morning and in the evening, 1/4 cup of dry and 1/8 can of wet) but she had asked them to also exercise him for 5 minutes twice a day, so she thought that might make up for the extra food.

Guess not...

But she knows she is feeding a food she feels good about and she knows that eventually Disco will drop the excess weight he has packed on. She loves visiting the Nulo website and learning more with each visit. Nulo’s Resource Center is dedicated to your pet’s optimal health & wellness care, with articles written by leading veterinarians exclusively for Nulo. And it gets shipped directly to our house, in a fun red box!

They offer newsletters and tips via e-mail and they have the first online weight loss program for pets including fitness programs, guided menu planning, tools for measuring and tracking weight loss, and an online support community,

And the every blog post is informative for both woofies and meowzers. And they are on facebook, too and if you visit them there, you will see they are getting lots of attention from both TV and newspaper articles! CLICK HERE TO VISIT NULO ON FACEBOOK

Here's a great video from their website, talking about 'What's in the Bag':

So, even though Disco had a little bit of a gain, now that our Teri is back home, she will put the toys into action, every day, and she hopes that by next week...His Chubbiness will be a have shed some more ounces and she'll know she is helping him get fit!


  1. Disco darling...I will have a car waiting for you. Listen for it. Come stay with me and mommy. :-)

  2. Okay... goodness. We kept coming by to check on MrUncle Diskers and really hoped he would have dropped a couple but certainly not - and the body beard LIVES!
    Mom tired to call while she was out walking this evening but figured you were probably having a party since nocat answered the phone.
    we hope your basement did not get water in it.

    Uncle Diskers, it is okay. You will not have to decamp to fatcamp just yet... but something tells me your body is having a tantrum and will not let go!

    bonkbonks and have a fun time in that red box.
    Have an enjoyable week-end with a lot of running and laughing and playing

  3. Never mind Disco. Our mum has just been stuffing her face with a bar of chocolate so she knows just how you feel. We don't have any stairs, but if we did, we would make her run up and down them.

  4. Poor Disco! If you can't get to Admiral Hestorb's, come stay with us...

  5. Disco, I send you a ticket and come live here with us in Brazil !!!!! =)


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