Thursday, September 23, 2010

Disco's Diet, Week 7

As you can see by the photo above...Disco is holding at 15# 8oz this week and that is probably because I was home over the weekend and his constant yelling about STARVATION had me feeding him extra kibbles from time to time.

That, and the fact that he needs to hire a new personal trainer to help him 'feel the burn' computes to another standstill in weight loss for Disco! I told him I keep having to buy longer belts because my midsection seems to be expanding, too! But then, I am not blogging about my weight loss or lack of such...

He is enjoying the canned food more, and when I placed my second order for Nulo, I decided to just get the turkey canned instead of the salmon variety too, as I am not a fish fan and the term 'Stinky Goodness' is what Nulo Ocean Fish canned food is! Now when he yells for food, he gets a spoonful of canned, not dry, and I think he will make some progress in his weight loss!

But I did get more of both the Nulo Chicken and the Salmon dry as Disco likes both of those, and he is continuing on the restricted amounts that his vet recommended and I am trying to increase the canned and cut back on the dry even more, in hopes of getting him on mostly canned Nulo eventually.

I bought a couple of new cat toys at the last cat show and they are great for getting Disco to run up and down the stairs after...I just need to do it every day not a couple of times a week! I wish I had someone to film him as I was getting him to use the 'Stairclimber' but he does get pretty excited about 'catching' the dragonflies and I make sure to let him rest between reps, hahameow!

One thing this Nulo campaign has shown me is by monitoring Disco's food intake and his activity level, I realize just how INACTIVE he has become due to his obesity! Where the other cats run and chase and 'Stairclimb' on their own, Disco is more than SEDENTARY...he is more like a Pet Rock in terms of activity.

Of course, due to his obesity, I do worry about the strain on his joints when he climbs the stairs and watching him almost makes me cringe...not a pretty sight! But I hope that when (not if) he gets down to 12 pounds (and though it may not be by Thanksgiving as we hoped as his progress has been so slow) that he will be able to once again join in the fun and games with the other cats in my house!

Just as it says on the Nulo website 'Cats get varying degrees of exercise, depending on their lifestyle. Indoor cats often don't get enough exercise on their own and it's up to you to encourage your resident felines to be more active'and I feel guilty that I am not making more time to help get my cat healthier. But I do know I am feeding him what I think is the best food out there and just need to make the commitment to do better from here on out with getting him to exercise every day!

Nulo tells us that 'By encouraging your cat's natural attraction to these types of games, you can increase his activity level significantly. These games may not be new ideas but the concept of making them a regular habit may be. Make a point of setting aside time each day to play with your furball and soon you'll both look forward to this fun and special time together.'

Stay tuned for next weeks installment of the Road to Simply Fit!


  1. Good luck to Disco. This is a much better diet than mine...

  2. Good luck to Disco, we feel for him. Derry and the human cringe at the words "get fit."

    BTW, we have one of those dragonfly toys, got it at a cat show last February. It's pretty cool, but the human doesn't bring it out that much, something about us losing interest too quickly. Huh.

  3. OK, I know all of this weight training is serious business and all, but you are cracking me up. Having him chase the toys more than a couple of times a week? Pet rock? Wishing you luck.

  4. We read your posts out of sequence in our reader! Eric has lost 3lbs and is down from 23lbs to 20lbs. It really has made a lot of difference already. He sits at the gate waiting for me to take them for walks now. Before I had to literally push him along! Sometimes it would be like a wheelbarrow race with me holding his back legs up and him flopped down on the front because he just couldn't be bothered to move. Now he trots along beside me as happy as Larry. A couple more pounds and he will give "Hyperactive Flynn" a run for his money.

  5. You can do it Disco, I know you can!

  6. Those dragonfly toys look like loads of fun! I hope some extra added activity, plus the latest dietary changes get Disco back to losing!

  7. Keep at it Disco! :)

    I'm liking those dragonflies. I might have to try those with my cat. Have you ever used Da Bird?

  8. wow, look at that hairy cat...


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