Saturday, September 18, 2010

Simply Sunday Morning...Afternoon...Evening

Well, Teri was busy on Caturday! She got halfway packed for her and Brighton's trip to Ohio next weekend, and got her new Mac Laptop up and running (easy, but she was putting it off as she says she can't handle anything technical during the week) and she got the backyard spiffed up--weeded, mowed, planted...looks nice and relaxing, doesn't it?

Once she was done and relaxing a bit, TomTom wandered up and she snapped a couple of photos of him, and then put out some food for him, as she was going to be gone later on when he usually comes around.

Saturyday night, she met up with some friends to have dinner and listen to a couple of 'tribute' bands--Monkey Business (you guessed it--The Monkees) and Apple Core (...The Beatles). She had fun listening to her friends tell stories about being Monkees followers--even flying to England to see them once! Teri even had a funny 'Monkees' story of her own to share.

She got a little sad when Apple Core started to play cuz the Beatles were Mike's favorite band and she kinda wished Mike was there to enjoy it. But the weather was great, the company fun and the ribs and Pina Coladas yummy, and it was good to meet up with friends and find a fun place close to home that she can go to again.

This morning, she took some photos of us, doing what all cats should do on a Sunday, relax! In between making some repairs to the Cornish Rex display she will take to the cat show next weekend, she kept the flashy box handy so she could surprise us before we wised up to what she was doing!

That's Coco mothering her growing kittens. She spends a lot of time when I am home having a time out from them, but still is very attentive to them. Kiki and Coco sometimes share mothering duties, too. That is something that is nice for kittens here when there are two litters at the same time--they get lots of attention and playtime, something that is especially good as Fifi will benefit from kitten play and lots of 'environmental stimulation' from Dot, Spot and Coco and that'll take some of the responsibility off of Kiki, too!

And here's Brighton, laying on the couch in that pretty new cat bed, having pushed the furry blankie aside and sitting right on the heating pad. It is a pet safe pad and only gets up to 100 degrees, but his belly must be pretty toasty!

And Disco, he is enjoying a sun puddle in the kitchen...not too far from the food bowl he might add (it's empty). You can see how much fur he's sprouted in this photo!

These next couple of photos are of Brinkley and Percy, Furrydance alumni you've seen here before as their mom loves taking photos of them (thanks, Dianne!!), spending time in their home in North Carolina...pretty much doing what all cats like to do...

And the kittens had fun on Sunday too, playing til they wore out and napped! As you can see from the video...they have short attention spans and never take a bitey personally!


  1. We love the cat playpen that you showed earlier this week. Can you remember the name or company that made it? We think it might make a nice addition to the 200 other cat contraptions decorating our house.

    ps the kittens are adoreable

  2. I don't blame Brighton. I think it is never too toasty!

  3. Looks like everyone had a great weekend, and we can see that the human was busy! The kittens are adorable, of course. :-)

  4. Those kittens look like they are ready for adventure/ trouble! It's interesting how Spot and Dot seem to sense that Fifi is not quite ready for rough play yet.

  5. Disco really has got quite furry! Maybe he wants to be a curly cat too. Brighton has got the right idea toasting his tummy on the heating pad. The kittens are gorgeous.
    The garden looks lovely, nice and peaceful and shady.

  6. whose little voice was that at the end? Oh how I love seeing the running and pouncing..the skidding and a little side-ways prance.

    Brighton, your auntie here loves you. And Disco..are you doing better, sweet baby?

  7. Busy, busy, busy. Love Tomtom's smile, and those pretty bat eared kitten pics.

  8. We especially loved the MommaCat with the kittens... Those were SO SWEET!

  9. The kittens were making mum laugh when they were play wrestling - and Brighton you were making the most of the warm air. Lovely video.

  10. OMG - those kittens are getting cuter by the day!! I think I know what Disco's hair issue is - he has been hanging with the Rexes so long he is "evolving". :)

  11. this is just a house full of little monkeys, isn't it!

  12. Aww, the kitten video is so cute!
    Thanks as always for your kind comments, they mean so much to me.

  13. Spot and Dot wrestle like Miles and I do! I love this little girlpower team! Amazing and so exciting to see them grow!
    Uncle Diskers!!!! We are shocked by your ----- body beard! are you sure you did not get that raccoon coat at an estate sale from an old retiring coolcat?

    Fifi is so cute ... it is beyond words. a little prancing flower. She is quite special and we are loving how she is growing! Cute as a little puffy button.
    Kiki and Coco are good mommies. We like that/

    the garden looks perfect. We have a very sunny garden back yard and mom and dad do not spend much time in it.

    This is a busy week. we hope all goes smoothly so you can slip out for some fun in Ohio!

  14. Your garden is very lovely. We really like the kitty statues. The kittens playing in the video are so cute!

  15. Soooo, does this mean Disco is going to be in the 'FurClub for Sphynx" now? LOL. I don't care; I luvz me some Mr. NoFurNo whether he be furless or not!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    p ssssss; the kiddens are quite the adorbale.

  16. Gosh! So much happening around your house! Our house is super boring in comparison. Of course, there is just the two of us and as we are seniors we aren't so active, but we do get out and about!! Must be fun having the kids around to stir things up. Everyone is looking good in your house...we're glad!! Purrs, Lautrec

  17. Ah... the Beatles. The best non-cat band in the world. The Monkees... the best non-cat copycats of the best non-cat band in the world. I still like them tho. The world needs the Catles! Four hip young cats from America who capture the sound of a generation. Hmm... kinda looks too much like "cattle". Don't want to be confused with cows. Cows can't sing. Back to the drawing board. Anyway, hope your week is as exciting as your weekend was!

    Neyland D. Catt

  18. What a productive and fun weekend!!

    Great pics!

  19. Gosh those kittens are cute. That little black one needs someone to be nice to her/him. I have a thing for black kitties.
    Good luck in your cat show. Thanks for your visit to our blog.
    Have a great day.

  20. The kittens have sure grown. All of the cats do know how to relax.


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