Sunday, January 15, 2012

Blog the Change for Animals 1/15/12

While it is easy to become overwhelmed at the sheer number of animals in need out there...don't let that stall you with indecision and hesitation. Just remember theses words... 

'Saving one animal may not change the world, but for that one animal the world will change forever'.

Teri knows in her job as a vet tech, that she helps kitties every day...

But then she forgets to do the easy task of clicking on Free Kibble and The Animal Rescue sites every day, and that is something so simple, free and easy to do...

She donates a few green papers to organizations that help animals, but then doesn't write letters to elected officials when an animal related cause needs help...

And she had hoped to be ready to be a foster home for Cornish Rex Rescue by now, too...and because we aren't sure if we can stay in our house without finding a room mate to help with expenses...that is on hold right now, too.

And our followers heard us tell about Cinnabar and Clement, how we are trying to make a difference in their lives, too. After all, Teri brought them into this world and they are her offspring as much as they are the momcats, as far as her love and connection for them.

You will be happy to know that Cinnabar went off to his new home yesterday, with a young man who knows and loves Cornish Rex, as his sister has one. He knew all the right questions to ask and had a lot of knowledge about the special care that they need. Cinni will be an only cat and will get lots of one-on-one attention. And Cinnibar had perfect litter box habits for the 2 weeks he was in foster care, so we hope he will continue to be a happy and well-adjusted kitty in his hew furever home!

And Clement...well, he has been here with us for a week now and is doing great, too! He seems calm and relaxed and not stressed by being isolated or caged. He is being neat and tidy, too (oh, except at first he knocked over the food bowls and paddled around in the water bowl til Teri put heavier ones in with him).

He is using the litter box 100%, too and had a 'spa day' yesterday and was good about that (other than yelling his head off--he was easy to bathe and clean ears and toes on). So we are thinking of those words and 'helping one animal' and are so grateful that we can help Clement and that Purebred Specialty Cat Rescue could help us with Cinnabar, too!

If you can't foster or rescue, there are things that you can do that will help 'widen the net' of people out there, not just dedicated pet bloggers and advocates, but that friend or relative you send a birthday card to, or a Christmas card or even... a Mother's Day card.

Did you know Alley Cat Allies has e-cards for most of the holidays and for as little as a $5 donation, you can send an e-card that will spread love AND education about feral cats, TNR. Here's a couple of links to their e-cards and their very informative and educational website:

Become an Ally / Spread the Word / Send an eCard 

Share an eCard Hug with Your Mom this Mother's Day!

So, on this first Blog the Change Day of 2012, we are glad to be helping make a difference...even a little one.


  1. It's so important that everyone knows that doing even one or two small things for animals is important! But you actually do so much because you use your vet tech knowledge to help out humans who have questions about their kitties.

  2. Wes loved your Blog for change Post! We does what we can too!
    We are the change!

  3. Mom loves your post. She gets overwhelmed sometimes and wishes she could do more. I have to remind her that just because she can't do it all doesn't mean she isn't helping in her way.

  4. Sometimes the small things count the most!

  5. Ripples in the's the little things that can often make a big difference. Thank you for providing some awesome ways we can do something to help animals! Love the card idea - that's what you'd pay in a store for a card, anyway!

    Thank you for blogging and being the change for animals,
    Kim Thomas
    CindyLu's Muse

  6. Awww hugs to beautiful Cinnabar and adorable Clement!! So lovely to see them - amazing amazing kitties!

    I think if everyone just saves one tiny animal in their everyday lives -like putting out bird food for the birds and taking care on the road to not run any creatures over etc, then it's all good!

    Take care

  7. Thanks so much for everything you do, from clicking to writing to fostering. No matter how much we do, there is always more to be done, but if we take the time to do a single simple thing, it always makes a difference. And that's enough for today.

  8. I'm a little late swinging by, but I just wanted to say that I think this was a great BtC post!


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