Monday, January 16, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

You might have noticed we skipped, missed, ran out of do a Disco Diet post last Monday. It really isn't because we are embarrassed that well, the diet is heading in the ummm, wrong direction...

Here's the weigh-in photo from last week... 15# 6 ounces

and the weigh-in for today... 15# 9 ounces

Teri is trying to be positive and stick with this new food, Young Again, and follow the company's recommendations and feed it free choice. For the first month she fed it, she was actually giving Disco some Hill's t/d as a treat (5-10 kibbles a day) and letting him have a kibble or two of TomTom's food but she stopped doing that about 2 weeks ago and had hoped for some ounces to drop...Sigh.

This is what it says on Young Again's website about Obesity in cats and feeding their 50/22 food:

The beauty of Young Again Cat Food is that you can offer your feline this pelleted food in a bowl and just leave it out for her to eat free choice. Within two weeks of consuming Young Again, your cat will naturally adjust the amount of food that she needs to fuel her metabolism. Since proteins are digested more slowly, she won't be hungry all the time, as she would if she was consuming a carbohydrate-laden diet. So, she will gradually adjust the volume of Young Again that she wants and needs to approximately one tablespoon per day for every 5 pounds of healthy body weight. An eight pound bag of Young Again Cat Food will last the average 8 pound cat about 100-120 days depending on activity level and weather you supply treats. Of course, provide her with fresh, clean water at all times.

On Young Again Cat Food, your cat will begin losing excess body fat, and will in turn, begin developing better muscling..., as well as a softer, more kitten-like coat. She will have more energy and this will also help her lose excess body fat. Cats that were couch-potatoes will begin playing, exploring and even jumping and climbing! Shy cats may become more outgoing and friendly. And an added benefit will be found in the kitty-litter box, with smaller, more compact fecal components, due to the high-digestibility of the food. Young Again guarantees these results in as little as 8 weeks.

Disco does look more slender in the second photo, but it's just his positioning we think...cuz he's the outtake photo taken at the same time...

At his heaviest, Disco weighed 16# and Teri doesn't want him to get there she will stick with this for a couple more weeks and make a decision then. Young Again does make a zero carb food and she may try that...but right now, she's kinda frustrated. 

Disco does seem happy and content and not begging for food like he was when she was feeding him the other kibble as a treat, and that's good...but she keeps remembering that Disco weighed 11# at his 'show' weight and she would really like him to get down to 12# to consider his 'diet' a success!

And just for the ladycats out there who purr every time they see Disco...Here's a smoochable photo!


  1. We know how hard it is to lose weight! Mommie says I need to.

  2. Disco, if only your human could magically transfer some of your extra weight to me! I am underweight at 5 lbs., 8 oz. and my human can't seem to get me up to at least 6 lbs! I'm very picky and I apparently have a fast metabolism too!

  3. Oh well Disco, more of you to cuddle!

  4. Awww handsome Disco!! You will get there, don't you worry!! Take care

  5. You may have to limit Disco's food. I had a cat at 18# and had to do that. She had a measured amount of food in a bowl and that was it for the day. She went down to 12#. She was an only cat and we think she ate out of boredom. Disco may be like me--just likes to eat!

  6. Dear Disco,
    maybe yous hit a plateau! Peoples do when they is on a diet.
    And me thinks yous looks handsome even if yous is a little chunky

  7. Don't worry Disco - we think you are smoochable no matter what (OK - at least mom and Ivy mancats have NO intention of smooching you)

  8. Disco, secretly we are giggling that you are frustrating your Mom! But we think we see some deprivation in your future if you don't trim back a little!

  9. OMGGGGGGGGGG! Disco is so sweet!!!!!

  10. Oh Disco, at least you are trying your hardest!

  11. Never mind Disco, don't give up. We are sure you will get there in the end.

  12. Not only the ladycats luf him, the mommies do too! Mebbe he's in his winter "storage" mode and won't be able to drop til spring. (I'm tryin to help you here, Disco.)

  13. Disco, what a cutie... Diets are just no fun!


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