Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simply Sunday Evening...

We guess Teri's been tooooo busy to let us dictate a post to her! We know she has a few things on her to-do list, but all she seems to get accomplished is stuff that's not on the list! What's that all about?!

Oh, maybe we are being a little hissy---she did take down the outside Christmas decorations (before she got a warning from the HOA...) and she went to DMV and renewed her PTU license and she went out to dinner twice with her 'manfriends'...

Guess that doesn't leave a whole lotta time for blogging, sigh.

So, we want to update our furrends with our Curly Swirly goings-on since we posted last on 1-21-12...

Coco continues to do fantastically and gets to come out of the tent and snuggle with Teri from time to time...

Coco has her first follow up appointment on Thursday, and starts physical therapy and Teri is really looking forward to seeing what that entails. There was a very interesting post on the blog, Dawg Business, about physical therapy for pets, and if you want to read more, here's the link: Physical Therapy in the Veterinary World.

And then we are attending a Pet Fashion Show at
Posh Pets and that should make for some fun photos, so we hope we can post them next weekend!

Clement is still being purrfect with his litterbox habits and that makes Teri very hopeful that he will be good in his next step of rehab--having free run of the guest bedroom with no cage!

He is going into his second week in the bathroom and seems to have adjusted to that, after being anxious about the change at first...

Teri says there is a nice family that are clients at the cat hospital where she works that thinks Clem is cute and are watching to see how his rehab goes, and might be interested in adopting him when the time is right! That would be sweet, cuz Teri would get to see him from time to time...

And that brings us to the next announcement...we are getting another kitty back because of litter box issues... You might remember Hero, one of Kiki's last kittens who was lonely in his first home and for whatever reason, is unhappy in his second he is coming back to his birth home to see if we can help him...we hope we can!

So, that's the newsy wrap up of our past week...we hope to get back to visiting our friends soon...we drop by a couple every day but still would just like to kick back and visit all day for a change!


  1. My goodness cats are just going all over the place! I hope that everything gets sorted out into the right boxes!

  2. We are happy Clem might haf a home! Our Mommy wuz thinkin he is pretty cute! xoxo

  3. It sounds like musical kitties at your house! I am glad that Teri is able to help them! Paws up for Coco and her progress!

  4. Hooorah for Clemmie and his ongoing successful rehab!!

    And hugs to Coco!! And Hero! Awwww glad he'll have a home with you all! Take care

  5. we are sending some purrs....we hope Clem comes around and that Hero can get his problems sorted out!

  6. Boy O Boy! What a busy house yous guys has! Me is glad to hear that Coco is felling better.
    Kisses to everybody


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