Friday, May 18, 2012

Fashion Friday!

Sew Doggy Style badge
...a Purriview of our new outfits, which Teri ordered from Sew Doggy Style's new store!

We can't wait for the man in the brown shorts to deliver them to us (well, Teri can't wait) because when someone we loves makes us something, it is even more special!

We met Erika and Sebastian at BlogPaws and have been fans ever since...

We thought their Project Runway was AbFab and wouldn't mind havin' a few knock offs of those outfits, too!

We really like their Upcycled Tees...

But since us cats don't look so hot in T's with sleeves, Teri got us a Tank top with a Beachy theme, and Brighton says 'The Dude' abides!

And either Coco or Disco would look pretty 'disco' wearing this leopard print hoodie!

When the package arrives, we will get some pix of us modeling them for next Fashion Friday!


  1. So cute! You kittehz always look so fashionable! xoxo

  2. Well, so many people get excited about new clothing. I am always suspcious.

  3. BOL!!! You guys are true Fashion Felines. Not too many cats rock the clothes, so paws up to you.

    By the way, we sent you a little surprise with your package. We can't wait for you to get it!!!

    Erika and Sebastian

  4. Oh Wow! Me can;t wait to sees what yous looks like in the new threads! They is so cool! Makes me almost want to wear clothes.

  5. Goodness, you sure got some goodies coming!

  6. Sebastian and I are anxious to see pics and share!

    Erika and Sebastian


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