Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thankful Thursday! Our Mr Chewy Review

Way back in December, we were contacted by Brent, over at Mr Chewy. See, our bloggie friends aren't the only ones who get 'put on a back burner' while Teri's gathering green papers at her day hunting place!

Brent offered us a $50 coupon to use for anything on their website and we thought that was VERY generous! While we are on some pretty specialized foods (they carry over 70 brands though!), Teri thought she'd look and see if there was something else that they carried that she would buy us! (ahem, they have healthy treats, Teri!!)

But she kept forgetting to go look! And then, just like they said--they keep adding new, in-demand foods all the time...and they added Nulo, one of the canned foods we eat!

We used to order our Nulo right from the company, which we liked (cuz everyone there knew Disco from his participation in their 'Simply Fit' campaign). But then they changed and had us order from some company called and all of a sudden we were bombarded with junk mail for products we didn't need. We weren't very happy, and we told Nulo that...and they made the wise decision to get Mr Chewy to carry their food!

So she wrote back to Brent and asked him if the $50 coupon offer was still available, since it had been months since he wrote to us...

And he said certainly! So, we ordered our foods on Wednesday afternoon about 3pm and had them shipped to Teri's day hunting place. Since they have free shipping on orders over $49, that was free, too!

And believe it or not (they do say they have prompt shipping...) our order arrived THE NEXT DAY! We were amazed! It was packed very well (no dented cans at all) and Teri said she would continue ordering from Mr Chewy, as the service was excellent, their website easy to navigate.

Another plus is that they have a 'Refer Your Friends' donation program that helps the pet charity of our choice (we picked Best Friends Animal Sanctuary) and every time a new friend orders from Mr Chewy, they donate $10 to Best Friends!! So easy!
And if you decide to order from Mr Chewy, please use our unique referral code, FURR2007, and you will also get $10 off your first order! We say 'What's not to like?!'. Mr Chewy is very supportive of us pet bloggers, they donate to help animals and their service is superb. We give them our Paw of Appurruval!

Disclaimer: We are happy to be a part of this company review, and we did receive a $50 coupon for products from Mr Chewy to use. However, all of the opinions about Mr Chewy, and their company and products, are ours and not dictated in any way by the company.


  1. We are still being hopeful that Mr Chewy will open in the UK. We need a company like that here.

  2. Mr Chewy
    is a great place. WE agree and they are super fantastic to bloggers.

  3. We totally love Mr. Chewy too! We think Brent should look up Sebastian the Sensitive Soul for a review too, since they had the very same awful experience. They would LOVE Mr. Chewy!


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