Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wordless, Whisker Hump Wednesday

Disco is sporting a Furminator Fur Dry that Teri found in the markdown bin for $7 (60% off!). Teri had seen them at BlogPaws but wasn't really sure they would be needed for us short and no furred cats, but she can't resist a good sale and actually we think it will be nice for those winter bath days! 

And while the 'belly band' is still a bit snug, we think he kinda looks like a young Marlon Brando, don't you? (you know, I could have been a Contender...).

Oh, and let's not forget the Whisker Humps...This week, and the passing of Fin, has us thinking of all our friends who have gone to the bridge, including Kismet, who we think coined the term Whisker Humps. In honor of him and Fin and Whitey and Lautrec and Admiral and Tristan and Whicky and Luxor and Inigo and Miss Peach and all the friends we miss, here's a lovely photo of Kismet...


  1. we think blue is your color.....

  2. We agree that would be great for baf days! Whoa--those are some impressive whisker humps!

  3. You look very dashing Disco!!!

    So sad, so many friends gone...

  4. James Bond, move over! Disco has the smoking jacket (ok, drying jacket) look purrfected!

  5. What a great smoking jacket! If it was pink, me would think it would be great for me on those frosty mornings. Especially if Disco was wearing his beside me!
    And FABULISHIOUS Whisker Humps!
    Kisses Nellie


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