Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wordless Wednesday? Contest Reminder-Pick a Kitty!


As you may know, one of us kitties (and Deesko, Disco's body double) will get to go with Teri to BlogPaws in Salt Lake City in June! Because she is flying there, unlike the first 2 Blog Paws pet blogging conferences where we all got to go cuz Teri was driving (well, Sammy didn't go cuz he's not crowd lovin' like we are), only one of us gets to Pawty On in SLC!

Teri is kind of nervous about leaving Brighton behind, as 2 years ago he almost went to the Bridge because of a urinary blockage (he has FIC). But he has been perfectly healthy since then, but traveling can be stressful, but then again, so can being left at home...what to do?

Our petsitter is great, in fact she is the LVT at Teri's day hunting place and she's a great nurse and checks on us twice a day when Teri goes away. Brighton does love to travel and everyone says he is soooo handsome and he does look cute in his Beach wear!

Teri knows Coco would 'Rock the Cat Walk' with her model looks and lots of lovely outfits, including her pink and her blue wigs.

And Teri knows she'd love being the center of attention and lots of one-on-one time with Teri without the 'boys' barging in!

Then there's Disco...everyone's favorite Big Boy! Teri knows he would attract the pawpawrazzi and has always been a gentleman at the previous Blog Paws.

And he's been working so hard to be able to fit into his Route 66 camp shirt again, too!

So, Teri thought she should have a contest and whoever gets the most votes...that is who she will take along to Blog Paws. To help entice visitors and garner votes, she has 3 $20 gift cards donated byMr. Chewy for our contest, for the winners to buy some stinky goodness or yummy treats from Mr Chewy

If you want some help in trying to decide who's got the wardrobe to shine at BlogPaws, visit our 
Cat Walk page, or you can just pick your fav Purrsonality and Teri can pick the outfits, hahameow!

We will use to pick 3 winners on June 1st! 


  1. We hope ya all have a GREAT trip! But we aren't the travellin types.

  2. Oh my gosh, there's no way I can pick just one kitty, but I wanted to say that I'm looking forward to seeing Teri (and whoever she brings along!) at BlogPaws again!

  3. we think we have to vote for Coco - nothing like a good girls weekend..... :)

  4. Oh my goodness! me thinks me should goes and then me would want to see Brighton or Disco! But alas, me and Mommy can't go, so me thinks it should be Coco!

  5. We doan't understand the whole Blog Hop thing (translation: The Human is too lazy to learn) but we think Coco should get to come. We lubs her! Let the boys 'batch' it!

  6. Normally, Twix and I would say Brighton, but with his health concerns, we cast our vote for Disco. With all his hard work on the diet, Disco's earned a fun trip to visit with his fans. Besides, a girls only trip to SLC could easily end up in Vegas (Hangover III?)

  7. Well I was pretty sure I commented already but lately we are not ourselves. We think just Miss Coco should have the honors!

    That Woman


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