Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mancat Monday, err Tuesday--Disco's Diet

Disco lookin' pretty Disco in his (or Coco's) new Doggy Style hoodie!

You might have noticed that we skipped our weekly 'Disco's Diet' post on Monday, the 21st.

That was cuz Mr D unscrewed the lid of TomTom's food hopper and gorged on a medley of 'junk food' while Teri was off day hunting... 

(Ps: It really was Teri's fault about the lid not being screwed on tight...after all, we don't have thumbs!)

All it took was that 'A moment on the lips, forever on the hips' scenario...you get the picture! 
Well, it took Disco 2 weeks to lose the 5 ounces his trip through the smorgasbord packed on, 
so this week, Disco's weighin' in at 14 pounds, 6 ounces, so that's up 2 ounces from May 14th. 

You might have noticed that pix of Disco in the new hoodie looks suspiciously like he might just be at the vets! Yep...for only the 2nd time in Teri's whole lifetime of cats, she has a kitty with an abscess!

And yep, it's Disco! Last Thursday she noticed a bite mark on Disco's side--probably from Brighton, as they get into tussles sometime. It looked minor at the time and she didn't start him on antibiotics.

But by Saturday, it was puffy and infected, so she ran into work and got a long acting antibiotic injection and although it looked worse for a day, now the lump is firm and smaller and Dr E saw him today and said he doesn't need to undergo anesthesia and flushing as it's not fluid filled but a granuloma now. 

We hope Dr E is right...Disco has love handles, he doesn't need an extra lump! Fortunately, his fashionable hoodie covered up the bitey mark...doesn't look like much, does it? 

But without antibiotics, it would have turned into a full-fledged abscess (don't click on this link if you are squeamish, hahameow).

And just for Prancer Pie and Stella (oh and Carole, too!)...here's a shot of Disco sunning himself yesterday!


  1. OMC! **thud** The Mommy has fainted!

  2. Disco is just like anyone else on a diet - sometimes desperation takes over and when an opportunity presents itself, it is irresistible! I'm glad you took care of the access - but then you know all about these things. Some humans don't realize that cat bites can be serious and must always be monitored, whether on kitties or humans!

  3. Healing hugs to Disco - oh but he does look good in his little hoodie!! Yay! Take care

  4. geez - some brothers.... :) Glad Disco is doing better - and working on his tan. MOL We had a kitten with an abcess - mom didn't realize what it was right away and it..ummmm...popped. yech!

  5. Poor Disco! Me hates abscesses! Me has had only 1! And me just about swooned seeing Disco in the sun! He is on handsome hunk of Man cat!

  6. Oh! poor Disco! Me has had one of those! It was awful. And Disco in the sun --- me swooned! He is one beauteous hunk of Man Cat!

  7. Awwwww we really miss you guys. Mom wants her life back
    Love to all of you swirlycurlylovepuddins and Missie Tericurlieflower

    Today is a busy day and mom and dad have provided us with lots of entertainment (tv downstairs radio upstairs) and tomorrow is going to be busier and then Saturday will be slightly less busy and then Sunday mom says she needs a massage and a very long nap. I am looking forward to that one

  8. Haha! Disco is enjoying the sun on his tummy! We hope his bite wound soon heals.


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