Monday, May 7, 2012

Mancat Monday, Disco's Diet & More!

Ok, this every 2 weeks posting is for the birds. No, we likes birdies, so that's not really a complaint. In fact there are some eggs in that birdie house we are keeping an eye on, right outside our living room window.

But our secreTeri is working some overtime cuz they need another vet assistant at her day hunting place and she does the interviewing (kinda like an adoption application, hahameow). But on Friday, she made the big decision and the new person starts in a couple of weeks.

Teri's been so busy she hasn't posted about our Mr. Chewy experience (excellent), or even opened up our package of toys from Imperial Pet to test and review (she even put them in the closet cuz we kept gnawing on the plastic shrink wrap--well, it's OUR present) and she has a book to read and review, too.

So guess we can understand why she hasn't been letting us blog lately...earning green papers gets in the way sometimes, she says. But we've been busy, too. Doing what? Well, lots of napping, as you can see...

While we were napping, Teri went off sightseeing with her manfriend, to a place that some guy called Frank Lloyd Wright built. She took some pix and since she couldn't take any pictures inside, she bought a book about the house, called the Pope-Leighey House.

Teri said she'd like to live there, but her friend said she'd really have to downsize  alot and get rid of lots of knick knacks. We think there would be enough room for us, though. Here's some of the photos she took.

and look, they even have a Catio, too.

In a couple of weeks, she is going with V to visit another place this famous guy built, called Falling Water. We know we like falling water, from the faucet, hahameow!

Then Disco had his toofers cleaned and of course, that had to include a fashion shoot! And speaking of his weigh-in today, he is down another 8 ounces! He has dropped a total of 1# 14 ounces and now is looking noticeably more svelte, at 14# 5 oz.

What do you guys think? Disco doesn't look so 'Sausage-y' in his 'Rock Star' Tank Top now, does he? Teri is very happy that the Young Again Zero Carb dry and Nulo and Life's Abundance canned food combo is workin' out for Disco!

In fact, everyone has slimmed down, which is a good thing! Coco's almost down to her 'showcat' weight, having lost 13 ounces and she looks mah-vah-lous. Brighton has lost 6 oz and is just right at 8# 2 oz. Sammy is still nomming on the leftover 5% carb Young Again and even he dropped 8 ounces, too.

Disco only lost one of his teeth, one of the lil incisors in the front...he said it would make a cool 'charm' on his collar, hahameow. He did have a lot of gingivitis, though, and had to have some gingivectomy done.

Teri took lots of photos, some maybe to use on the cat hospital's website...Oh, don't let it go to your head, Mr. D. Here's a little hunkahunka burnin' love vid for Disco's Ladycat friend, Stella.

Then last weekend, Teri headed over to our old petsitters house for a Weenie Roast. Teri's favorite dog? A Guaca-Dog, no kiddin'.

She brought the fixings for S'Mores--did you know there are Flat Marshmallows made just for S'Mores?

She wasn't sure they would even stay on a stick, but the did, hahameow. and then there were the Jumbo Campfire marshmallows, that's livin' large.

The other BIG (not large, hahameow) news is that Clem and Hero have a new family to dote on them. Yep, no longer are the the 'Guest Bedroom' kitties...

A nice couple who come into the cat hospital where Teri day hunts have been following Clem's progress since he came back home to us in January.

They have been coming to the cat hospital with their 3 Oriental Shorthairs for many years, and now just have one Grannie cat left and Teri thought they might like having a slinky youngster around for fun. She told them about Clem, and they waited while he went through 'rehab'...

Then Hero came back home and as it turned out, Clem and Hero became friends and passed their rehab with flying colors, too. So this couple came to meet Clem and after their visit, they said they couldn't pick just one of them, so they adopted them both...

MeWowZa, Teri was more than excited, because now they could stay together AND she would get to see them both from time-to-time when they came into the vets. She said this was like her best wish answered, and she hopes they will both be happy in their new home...of course, she will be there with advice when needed and with the promise to take them back with open arms if their new home doesn't work out...

So we Curlie Swirlie cats have our 'sun room' back again, and we are happy about that, as you can see by these photos.

Teri had a long weekend off and told her manfriend she needed to catch up with a lot of things, so she was home all weekend. We napped and played, she cleaned and pulled weeds. When it got dark, she even pulled out the laser light for us. That Disco can run faster now he's lost almost 2#, hahameow.
She is starting to get ready for BlogPaws in June, too. She took photos of Disco and Coco (Brighton wasn’t cooperating) to make ‘Flats’ from, and she is starting to make a list of our friends who are going to go to BlogPaws, too.

She is making up mini Swag Bags for our friends (very mini she said, muttering something about the economy). We only know economy has the word NOM in it and now we’re hungry…

Well, that's about all the mews that we can remember, and we hope that now Teri has some things crossed off her list, that we can get back into blogging on a regular basis again, although she said something about an endless to-do list...mew, mew, mew.

We are happy to hear that GJ is doing pretty well on the new BP meds, and hope that Goma is feeling better soon, too. While we haven't had time to post much, we do make Teri keep up with our friends and visit those who need purrs.


  1. Wow, there has certainly been a lot going on! Paws up on everyone's weight loss, especially Disco, and hooray for Hero and Clem getting a new home together!

  2. Thanks fur catching us up and thanks fur givin our Mommy her Disco fix! He looks great and his "flat" will be adorable! Haf a great week, furriends. xoxo

  3. There should be an app for that. BTW, where can TBT get a hibachi like that? He had a good one once, but some (ahem) "friend" stole it.

  4. Hooray for Clem and Hero! Well done to Disco. Our mum read about S'Mores in the Babysitter's Little Sister books when she was younger, but had never seen one. Now she knows what they look like after imagining them for so long! :)

  5. wow - that was quite the update. Yeah for Disco's diet and Brighton's dental cleaning...

    And we are very excited that Hero & Clem found a new home together!!

  6. That is great news that Clem and Hero are going to their Forever Home together. Well done Disco! That is a very good weight loss.

  7. It is a great cat life and your person seems to be very busy. I like the architect FLW.

  8. Glad the diets are progressing well and thrilled the rehab kitties haf a new home together!

    Our human lufs FLW houses, too...actually she has always lived in apartments and lufs any house :)

  9. Disco is doing way better on his diet than the Woman is on hers! She gained a pound (and she didn't even cheat!)

  10. Hi friends!!!!
    Have a good week.

  11. My mom person was oohing & aahing over those house pictures. She loves Frank Lloyd Wright.

    Great job on the weight loss.

    My mom person wants to make sure she finds your secreTeri at BlogPaws!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. What a lot of interesting news! That house sure is beautiful. And I must also say that I am very proud of Disco! And congrats to Hero and Clem!

  13. Who gives a flip what Ms. Stella thinks? I nearly died of cute when I heard that darling meow & watched the rub & flip! OMC! Mr. D you are such a playah! Woo!

    I was thinking Miss Teri, for Ms. Stella's next birthday I would love to give her a Flat Disco. Any chance you could make two & send one our way? I'm just sure she would completely dissolve into a puddle of no-fur-no goo. And since that would be sooooo funny to see I would post video!

    That Woman

  14. Thank you so much for your kind words. I know Fin will send me a new baby to help heal my heart.


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