Monday, May 14, 2012

Mancat Monday, Disco's Diet

Well, Disco hit a plateau this week...stuck at 14# 5 oz, but that's ok! We just ordered another 2 bags of Young Again Zero Carb and we'll see what the next month brings, but we are sure he will be ready to put on those 'Board Shorts' by June.

(and just in case you'd like a pair of these of your own, check out this Etsy shop!)

Teri made a page for our blog, documenting Disco's Battle of the Bulge, but she hasn't had time to post pix and the posts we've done, sigh...

Here's a photo of Disco at 16# 3 oz and one of him today~quite the difference! We B Happurry about that!

We know that doesn't look like almost 2# lighter, but it is. He is more muscle than fat now! We think Lucky 13 might just be his Number! We think Disco just might be ready to be a 'Chippendale' cat by December, hahameow! 


  1. Good luck on the diet! Our mom is doing that, too! Although she needs to lose a lot more than a few pounds. MOL!

    Truffle and Brulee

  2. Oh boy, Stella is gonna haf sum competition fur Disco's affection. He is looking great!

  3. Disco, I think you are looking way better! Keep up the good work - maybe you hit a plateau because, as my human informs me, muscle tends to be heavier than fat.

  4. that thud was Ivy fainted from all that handsome svelte naked mancatness!!!! good job Disco!

  5. Disco, you´re absolutelly gougeous!

  6. Mowzers, Disco! You're doing great!! Keep it up!

  7. Great job Disco! We are currently trying the 5% carb food...Tanner really likes it. I'm switching over slowly, so this week, he actually gained a couple of ounces. He seems more active though...which I think is a good sign that the food is agreeing with him!

  8. Well All Righty Then MR. Gstring boy, you get that pink hide over here this instant *cracks whip* cos I gotz some green papers to lick & stick to you all over!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  9. I can tell Disco is looking much slimmer! Way to go!

  10. Go Disco Go!
    Yous is just gorgeous in your Chippendale's outfit!
    Hubba! Hubba!

  11. Disco, it's me..your admirer Carole. LOVED seeing your success and I can tell the difference and you know I still love you darling. xoxoxoxox


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