Saturday, February 11, 2012

Caturday Saturday 'n More!

We missed posting a pix for Fashion Friday, so Teri took some photos of Coco in her new necklace (actually a bracelet Teri found for $5 at Tuesday Morning)...

Teri has a penchant for frittering away her 3 day much so that her therapist told her that unless she gets the Christmas decorations taken down AND put away, and unless she finishes up working on the 1st draft of her will...that she will have to go back to counseling sessions twice a month instead of once a month...

So, has she done any of those things so far this weekend?? Nope! She stayed up way too late and then slept in til 11am both Friday and today and well, that kinda makes for a short day, doesn't it Mama?! She says she's coming down with a cold, and is taking all kinds of potions and pills... so that might explain some of her lack of initiative...

The good part for us kitties is that she sleeps in and we get extra snuggle time with her! She did go out yesterday grocery shopping cuz we were out of litter and today was supposed to be cold and windy and maybe some snow flurries and the weatherman was right!

We missed the flurries cuz we we napping like Disco, who was disturbed by the flashy box or waking up and playing in the tunnel o' fun like Clement, or getting a little time out of the rehab cage to stretch his legs, like Hero...

Both Clem and Hero are doing great. Clem's been in  rehab for 5 weeks now and has used the litterbox 100% of the time and seems very happy and content. Next step will be for him to meet us, one at a time, to see if he wants a friend and if he is ok sharing his space and litter box.

Hero has only been here a week, but there have been no 'thinking outside the box' for him either and he seems calm and relaxed and is keeping his cage neat and clean--not dumping over food or pulling his blankie into the litter box, etc...all signs of stress when caged.

It was a good day to stay inside for both human and cat alike, but when Teri noticed the pretty sunset, she snapped a photo outside, then dashed back in! Here's a photo of the sunset today...

Teri worked out with Coco this morning and here's a few pix of the PT sessions, with the exercises that Teri can do and hold the camera at the same time, hahameow...

This one is called Cookies at Contra-Lateral Hip...the 'cookie' is really a catnip stem. Teri saves them from the Nip they grow at the cat hospital where she works and they are good and crunchy!

This exercise shifts weight from the good leg to the one that had surgery...although Coco is supposed to be standing up for this to work...

This exercise is called Paws up, and it causes weight bearing in the rear legs, as well as stretching the back and hip flexors. Again, Coco is reaching for that Nippy stem.

And this exercise is three leg standing, but it was hard to photograph and this position isn't exactly corrrect...Teri's hand is supposed to be on the knee, not the shin...

Today, Coco gets to start dancing exercises, but Teri said she won't be able to film that and hold on to Coco's front legs at the same time, hahameow!

Coco got to 'limber up' with her own stretching exercises once they were done...

As you can see, from the video clip below, Coco is walking very well this week, with barely a limp now. She is still confined to the bedroom, but gets more time out of the tent now and she gets to sleep with us at night again, too.

And Coco's Bum Leg Auction is attracting lots of attention and bids and new items are being added every day! Go take a look and see if there's something you kitties would like to buy your servants, hahameow!

We have made some new friends from the auction, like the Slimmer Puggins, Schauzer and Schnauzer, and our old friends have donated many items, too...and Teri said she's having a hard time not bidding on stuff but every penny is going to help pay off her surgery bill.


  1. Coco is doing remarkably well already. She looks pretty in her new necklace. Our mum finds it hard to get going in the winter too. As long as she doesn't forget to feed us we aren't too worried about it.

  2. Coco looks like she is doing really well! And the rehab kitties sound like they are dong good too... I always wonder when these kitties have such great litter box habits in rehab, what was going on at their old home that was causing them to not use it there? Sometimes I think humans do not put enough thought into litter box placement, type, etc., or the effect that other pets - or other stressor - may have on them.

  3. Looks like everyone is doing well. We don't let mom sleep in that late though....MOL.

  4. Me loves it when your Mommy does all the catchup and gives us a really newsy post! It is always so much fun to gets all the news that is news!
    Coco, yous is doing Mavelous Dahling and me LOVES your new neck piece!
    Disco, Yous as handsome as ever, Clem is such a cutie pie!
    Kisses to yous all

  5. Winter lethergy and a cold are't the happiest of combinations! I hope Teri feels better soon!

  6. Glad to know the recovery of Coco!
    Have a great Sunday!!!!!!!

  7. Coco you are doing so well and hey 100% in the litter box for both sounds good to me. Please tell your mum she needs not worry about mundin things so long as fir and happy and takes care of you, the rest can wait.. Hugs GJ xx

  8. It's wonderful to meet you - there are two Sphynx here at Furrsonality, and my mother happens to have a curly cat (A laperm). We hope Coco will continue to get better - can't wait to know more all about you guys!

  9. We are so happy that Coco is doing so well and that the auction is going great! We hope lots and lots of green papers are raised for her.


  10. You guys are all furry active. We never dance! Disco, you look a tad thinner this week - maybe it's the soothing Christmas lights :-)

  11. We are really happy to hear how well Coco is doing, we've had her in our thoughts and purrs. Continued purrs to her and we hope that the auction is a big success.


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