Monday, February 13, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

Oh Noes...There's only 2 weeks left in Disco's 'Young Again' challenge and while he was cheating in the beginning and getting some carbs he wasn't supposed to...we had really hoped he would have lost the healthy 4 ounces a month Teri had been dreaming of!

Nope! At Disco's weekly weigh in today, he tipped the scales at 15# 14 oz...the heaviest he's been in 18 months. We are blinkin' back tears...

So Teri is thinking she will go back to an all canned diet for him, as both Brighton and Disco still have urine that is too concentrated for comfort, 1.080. She could try the no carb version of Young Again, or maybe even think about feeding raw. One of the clients at the cat hospital where Teri works raves about RadCat and how well her cats are doing on it...

(Disco in his slender days...)

She knows part of Disco's lack of success is her failure to exercise him, too. But especially after Coco's problems with her knees, she worries about Disco carrying the extra weight and the strain on his joints. She thinks maybe a PetZen Treadmill would help both Disco and Coco...but she doesn't have an extra $600 to lay down...

We know the ladycats out there love Disco just as he is...but maybe if he could chase around Prancer Pie and Ms Stella...that would burn off some calories for free, hahameow.


  1. Oh Disco! I am sure your human will help you find something that will take off the pounds! I agree, it is better for your joints to weigh less.

  2. After last week, we just knew your Mom had it all figured out! One of our woofies had major problems from obesity. Mom did efurrything under the sun. He was on tons of drugs fur ailments. Totally unrelated, the woofie pen was enlarged (greatly) and the pounds fell away. He just got interested in all that new territory. Mom says he must haf been eating out of boredom (much like her). We know you will find what works. Good luck Disco! Mom says she would like one of those yummy hams fur Easter! xoxo

  3. Disco you need to cut Teri some slack here as well as cut out the carbs! Otherwise you'll never be able chase your lady friends! Think about it, buddy. xox

  4. We know the feeling.....we love ALL of Disco but we understand your concerns. Maybe we could loan you the foster monsters?? Bet they would run the weight off of him in no time.... MOL

  5. Oh my dear beloved! Here it is the day of love the world over. You know what tho? I love you EVERYDAY and so that makes each day a Valentines Day to me! All I know is that when Miss Jengs switched foods to the Hill's dry bladder formula (she won't eat the wet stuff) she lost 2 lbs in 3 months. And she didn't have to excersize neither (which lets Missy Teri off the hook!). I bet if you just had wet food you would be losing weight too. That kibble will kill ya! You know I love you no matter what size you are but I don't want you fallin over with exhaustion when I start chasin you down boy!

    All my loves to my only love

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan


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