Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion (and Freedom) Friday!

Lotsa stuffs going on at our house this week!

First, Coco's Auction was a 'Purring' success, with over $700 raised!! We made some new furriends, too, as even some doggies donated items to Coco's Auction!

We are furry grateful for the support and giving and bidding and love of our Cat Blogosphere friends and she will be able to pay off a huge chunk of Coco's vet bill! And Teri is already saving up some things to donate to the next auction for the next kitty in need...

We found out that Sebastian, the Sensitive Soulis a kitty in need, fur sure! We met his mom, Amy, at Blog Paws and she is the most lovely young woman and we just found out that a fire destroyed their whole apartment complex on Thursday.

We are very scared of the thought of a fire taking our home and even us kitties and Teri, and Amy and her family are safe, and we are grateful about that, but they lost everything in the fire. The Cat Blogosphere, and Anipals and Facebook friends are rallying around and George the Duck set up a Chip In for them.

We donated some green papers and hope you can, too...

Here are links to some posts their friends have done...

Fire Help Fund

Tragedy Strikes

A Tonk's Tail

And after that important announcement,  we return to our regular broadcast, with news about us Curlie Swirlie cats...

Teri did take Coco in to see her surgeon on Wednesday, as she was licking at the site where the implants are. Of course, there had to be a fashion show involved, for everyone's pleasure. Here's a few shots of Coco in her Mardi Gras outfit!

Coco was just glad that she doesn't have to go back again, cuz her March costume would have been this one, for St. Paddy's Day, hahameow (really! Instead the stuffie at the cat hospital is wearing it!).

The implants are pins to hold a piece of bone in place that the surgeon had to cut and move so the kneecap would align properly.

They are to stay in place unless they bother Coco or start to move. Well, they must be bothering her as she is licking, but they took xrays and the implants are stable, so we will wait and watch for now.

The other good news is that the physical therapy that Teri was doing on Coco helped increase her muscle mass to be within 1 cm of the 'healthy' leg, and as disappointed as some of you might be, there will be no videos of Coco in the Underwater Treadmill, hahameow.

Teri was glad to hear that, as it would be another added expense, but something she would have tried if it mean Coco would be helped by it. Of course, Coco never knew what might be ahead for her in that respect, but she is just happy that she now can have free run of the house again, after almost 2 months!

And Disco's down 3 ounces! So we hope to have good mews on his weekly weigh in on Monday! He got to nom on some fresh wheat grass today, but Teri later read it has 2 carbs per teaspoon...but mostly the cats just snip it off or yak it up later, so maybe he won't gain any weight, hahameow!

Us cats are eating some raw RadCat, but only if Teri mixes it in with Fancy Feast. But it's a start..

And Clem and Hero are doing great and got to meet for the first time today... When Disco met him last week, Disco was a bad cat and sprayed, and then Coco got to meet him, but she was a bit of a diva and hissed at him, and he doesn't need that since that's what the girl kitty he lived with before was like to him.

So even though it's early for Hero to be introduced to another cat, Teri has in her mind that Clem and Hero would make good roomies when/if Hero makes it to that level of his rehabilitation. So today, Teri let them meet and greet for 5 minutes and she will do that numerous times over the weekend, so she can supervise their interactions.

If all goes well, then she will rotate Clem and Hero between the bathroom and the guest room by themselves, also moving their litter boxes when they change rooms, so they aren't sharing boxes yet, until she knows they are ok with each others scents and interactions.

The other good news is that one of the vet techs at VOSM (where Coco had her surgery) is interested in adopting either Clement or Hero! She and her boyfriend have no other pets, which is perfect as the next step in their rehab... to go into a home with no other pets that is close enough to us that if it doesn't work out, that it will be simple to bring them back to the Curlie Swirlie house.

And who knows, if Clem and Hero are good buddies...maybe they would adopt them both. MeWowZa, Teri smiles thinking of that.

It was supposed to be warm and sunny here today but it's been raining on and off...Sammy got to have some freedom from the 'stud room' and he says he makes a very good office assistant paperweight, hahameow.

Teri is getting together with her friend, Voytek tomorrow and he is going to help her with doing her taxes (which will save her some money!) and so Teri said she'd make dinner at his place---Minted Pea Soup, Beef Stroganoff and Creme Brulee Ice Cream...

Oh, we thought you'd like to see Brighton schmoozing with Voytek when he came over last weekend. Teri is glad he's a cat lover, too...

Well, that catches everyone up with the mews around here...we hope you all have a perfect weekend and we hope we can get by to visit your bloggies some, too.


  1. We are thrilled that the auction was a success and that Coco is all right. Sounds like everyone is doing just fine which is always nice. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  2. wow - lots of news. Glad Coco is doing so well. And good luck with the boys....

  3. We're so glad that Coco is doing well. And we are hoping that Clem and Hero get adopted together! That would be awesome!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. What a great all-around report! We are so happy fur you guys. xoxo

  5. It sounds like there is lots of good stuff going on at your house!

    We also have the ChipIn widget for Sebastian and his family on our blog, and did a post about them. We feel so awful for them, and even worse for their neighbors who did lose their pets.

  6. We are glad to hear that Coco is doing well. And we are glad that Disco is now down 3 ounces. There is hope for the Woman yet!


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