Monday, February 20, 2012

Mancat Monday--Disco's Diet

OMC...Disco's brought new meaning to the words
"Livin' Large"...

Here he is, 90 days into his diet plan and he weighs more than he did 18 months ago when he began the Nulo Simply Fit program.  16 pounds 3 ounces !! Below is a photo from August 2010...

When the folks at Young Again read Disco's post last week, they called Teri and asked her if she wanted to try their NO CARB dry food and offered to send Disco a free bag...

So Teri said, ok...what has Disco got to lose (oh, about 4 pounds). So the bag arrived today, delivered by the guy in the brown shorts (well, not in the winter time...).

Teri emptied out the food bowl of the Young Again 5% carb food (and gave it to Sammy, who could shed a pound, too) and filled up the bowl and everyone had a snack and enjoyed it!

Teri is also trying out some raw diets, too, but so far, we have turned out noses up at Stella and Chewy's and Pawgevity, but one of the clients at the cat hospital where Teri works brought us a tub of RadCat today and Disco thought that was pretty yummy!

And maybe by the time 'bathing suit' weather rolls around, Disco won't get sand cat litter kicked in his face at the beach water fountain !

Disco in his slender days, at about 11#...


  1. Good thing he's adorable at any size! Mommy sends him bellah kisses!

  2. I hope this latest batch of food works, Disco!

  3. Good luck Disco! You know sometimes that happens to the Woman too...

  4. Oh,Disco,sweetie...I know what you're going through! Those pounds just won't go off. We hope the low carb food helps.

  5. Sphynx have issues with getting overweight, they are gluttons! I know Princeton has issues with gaining weight.

  6. Disco you are a right handsome gent...we rather like a portly huggy bear around the cozy cottage.hee hee

  7. Oh sweet Disco!! Me and Charlie hope this new food will work - you're adorable! Take care

  8. Good luck with the diet, Disco; I'm having the same issues with my Sukki=the girl loves to eat and even on "diet" vet food, she still doesn't seem to be losing weight (would like to see her lose 2 lbs)...I try to regulate the food and watch them while eating, but still believe Sukki finds a way to steal some of her sisters food when I'm not looking!!...It's a difficult process...Happy Mardi Gras, precious friends=Laissez les bons temps rouler!!!...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki, Mommy Cat, Daddy Cat

  9. Disco, Mommy feels your pain!
    Wes wishing yous luck!

  10. I reckon Disco is having his diet between meals! that’s what I’d do :)))

  11. well we think he looks positively adorable... love handles? It is lovely to discover your blog. Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  12. Good luck on the diet!!
    We keep hoping for you!

  13. That Woman here. I must laff at Mr. Mancat boobs! LOLOLOL! (don't you dare tell him i wrote that!)

    You know, we tried the Tiki Cat brand cat food that Mr. Chewy carries. ALL my cats wolfed it down! It is very healthy food and maybe Mr. D could just have one can at night and in am have his no carb dry?

    Course, he could just be thinking that his weight gain is cos muscle weighs more than fat so I'm going with this. He's just working out too much! He should be down on Venice Beach with the bodybuilders!

    *cat whistles*


  14. Well Disco, you look handsome even when you're chunky!

    We had a fat cat Bell whom we put on diet biscuits once. It took us a week to discover he had chewed a hole in the bag in the store room and was helping himself to seconds and thirds!

  15. Well Disco I can certainly appreciate your mommy looking out for your best interest on your diet. When I had to lose a few lbs my mommy cut my food back by 1/2 per day and I got back to my girlish figure within a month or two. Of course I thought I was gonna DIE but I didn't:) You can do this Disco!

  16. Good luck Disco.

  17. greebies!!! disco, buddy, you just gave us an epiphany--ed is our chunky guy, but we've nefur seen him nekkid. now we've got the picture.

    mommer hafs him onna weightloss food frum the v-e-t, but he was 16 lbs last time an' 18 lbs NOW, so he feels yer diet pain! best of luck to you both!!

  18. Me not finks him looks fat at all!
    Mommy sais me is fat too.
    But we are happy mancats!

    Fanks you for bisiting Miss Emily on her's birfday!

  19. Mowzers, that is totally NOT pawesome. We just hates the idea of a diet *sigh* we SO sorry you has to be tortured by your Momma!!

  20. You can do it, Disco!
    Glogirly says that SHE oughta try some of that low-carb stuff. hehe!
    ...we love you at any size. Bathing suit weather or not.
    ; ) Katie & Glogirly

  21. That's a whole lotta cat! Poor Disco. Dieting is hard, not that I would know..


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