Sunday, February 5, 2012

Simply Sunday...

Well, we have had a very busy weekend and since we aren't football fans and we've already previewed all the Super Bowl commercials...Teri said we better get a post in today!

We missed posting on Fashion Friday, but it was a very fashionable Friday, fursure! Disco, Brighton and Coco got to walk on the Cat Walk at Posh Pets Boutique (there were some dogs there too but Pet Walk doesn't sound as glamourous, does it?).

Posh Pets Boutique is in Winchester Virginia and is full of toys, couture and tasty's a peek at their cat goodies!

We had fun and we got lots of attention and comments, even though we didn't walk the walk very well, we did get to dress up and even got one new outfit each. (Note: Umm, Coco got 2...)

Here's some pix of the fun!

So that was Friday...then on Saturday, Hero came back to his 'birth home' and he is settling in, at the beginning of his 'rehab'...just as Clement was 5 weeks ago!

He came with his blankie, his favorite toys and enough food to transition him over to what we are eating over the next couple of weeks. He is very handsome and so far is being a good 'cage' patient. He isn't messing up his bedding and he is using the litter box.

He will go in to work with Teri tomorrow for a full exam and lab work, to help determine if his issues are medical or emotional or both. We hope we can help resolve his inappropriate urination behavior, like we have with other kitties...

Teri decided not to disrupt our routine too much by moving our litter boxes into her our bedroom from the library room where she was going to put Hero since Clement just moved back into the guest room. So Hero's cage is set up in the bathroom and if he is good for 2 weeks, then she will take the cage out of there.

One less transition for Hero, which is wise as he was urinating out of the litterbox in numerous places in his former home, unlike Clement who was only urinating and defecating out of the box in the basement where the litter boxes were located. 

And speaking of Clement... he is doing great! He was 100% perfect with his use of the litter box while he was in the bathroom, so yesterday he got to move back into the guest bedroom and boy, is he enjoying the blankies and the view and the toys, and snuggling with Teri from time to time. 

We will have to see how he does for the next 2 weeks and then he'll get to meet one of us...Teri hasn't decided who might be the most congenial and friendly towards him yet... That might take some time to decide, as we know Clem was intimidated by the girl kitty he used to live with and that could be part of his litter box issue...

He is a happy, friendly and playful boy, and acts much like a kitten instead of 6 years old!


  1. Rasta-cat! Ya mon, no worries!

  2. Beautiful Hero!! You are home with lovely Clemment!! Yay!

    Disco, Brighton and Coco - you are all just such super model STARS!!!

    Just adorable!

    Take care

  3. Wow, you sure have been busy! Welcome back to Hero and howdy to Clement too!

  4. What fun being models!

    Good luck with Clem! Those litter box issues are just so much fun...I had issues with my one guy and was able to get him back on track with a lot of positive reinforcement for being in the box. It seems a little strange to feel so proud when I see him in the box, but I do.

  5. Your cats are so wonderful. You treat them well and they look good in a style show too.

  6. You guys are such supermodels!

    Paws crossed that everything works out with Hero and Clem!

  7. We are just so excited about that store we kept thinking about it even as we read! Good luck with Clement!

  8. Me loved seeing yous guys "working the runway". Me could never do that, even though me is a most beautiful cat.
    You know what, me has litter box issues. Whenever Mommy and Daddy puts my litter box in a room that is NOT a People's bathroom, me quits using my box and uses other parts of the room. That is why our box is in the little warm room here and not in the basement like it used to be. It tooked Mommy and Daddy forever to figure that out.

  9. We hope everything works out well with Hero and Clem's rehab. The catwalk looked like lots of fun.


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