Thursday, February 9, 2012

Thankful (for The Furriends of the CB) Thursday

The Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere have come to the aid of Coco with a 'FUNraising' Auction. 

Our Curlie Swirlie family is furry grateful and we are so excited to watch the Auction, knowing it will help with Coco's knee surgery expenses.

We wanted to donate some things to help, too and so Teri scoured our house to see if there were some items we could part with that would bring smiles to someone else. 

Just to tempt all of you... how about a gently used Hepper Pod, or a cool ferret-sized EB pouch carrier or maybe a 'vintage' cat vase, or an 'antique' cat knick knack that Teri got when she and our CatDaddy were in England... 

Our frequent followers know that Coco had to have patellar luxation surgery about a month ago, and we sure appreciate the healing purrs that have been generated. Coco is doing great and is even cooperating with her physical therapy exercises.

For those of you who maybe haven't met Coco before or missed our posts about her, Teri made a new page for our bloggie that is just about Coco's 'Bum Knee' and here's the link to it:

Coco's Bum Knee Journey

We thought you might like to see Coco 'working out', but Teri can't hold the camera and be the Physical Therapist, but here's some short clips of a few of the 10 exercises that Coco has to do twice a day.

High Stepping

"Irritating' Hair Scrunchy, Opposite Leg

We'll keep everyone updated on Coco's progress on this and her 'Bum Leg' page (you can get there from the menu bar near the top of our blog).

And, of course, we will be watching the bidding at the Auction and hope our furriends bid and win something they have their heart set on. But if you can't make a bid, we are accepting healing purrs and they are free, and freely accepted.

To all involved with putting together this auction to help Teri pay off Coco's large vet bill, we can't thank you enough for caring and working so hard to make this happen! Mega Purrs to you.

And if you have something you wish to donate to Coco's auction or just want to learn more about the auctions, you can click on this link Furriends of the Cat Blogosphere or just email KC at catblogosphere dot com or Marg at margaretmsan at gmail dot com.


  1. Felix did a post for Coco on Friday, and we put some things in for the auction! Paws crossed that Coco is back to 100% soon...Felix says she can teleport over and run the skyways with him!

  2. We've come on over from the Katnip Lounge. We hates luxating patellae - I had one and Aila here had two (but luckily only one surgery!). Recover well - and eat well Coco xxxxx

  3. Coco looks like she is doing really well with her rehab exercises!

  4. We are glad Coco is recovering well, and she is doing very well with her exercises.

  5. We are so glad to hear that Coco is doing so well with her recovery.
    We did contribute to the Chip In and we hope it helps a bit.


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