Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simply Late Sunday Evening...


We apologize fur not postin' since Whisker Hump Day... 

It was Teri's purrthday on Thursday and she stuffed herself with Sweet and Sour Chicken and was too full to post, hahameow.

Then on Friday, Teri had to bust her 'tocks and get the xmas decorations boxed up and put away, finally. Way after Ground Hogs Day...

Then on Saturday, she had a date, and made brekkie for 2, then spent the day in Washington DC going to museums (the Annie Leibovitz exhibit and the American Building Museum to see Unbuilt Washington---both excellent exhibits) and then had a great dinner at her favorite restaurant, Jaleo...

And today, Teri worked on answering some questions on the first draft of her will and she got a little teary eyed when it came to the question of what music she would like played at her memorial service (no, she's not sick, she is just planning ahead and making sure we are taken care of if something happens to her..) and she knew she would want a cat song played...but which one? This is what she picked, and oh, it made her sniffy! 


Brighton had to come over and be her office assistant...and that made Teri laff n laff, and that stopped the sniffies...


So here it is 11pm Sunday night (well, she had to watch Downton Abbey) and she wanted to let our furriends know what we cats have been up to, hahameow.

Coco Dancing...

and then stretching out her muscles after dancin'...

Teri wants to thank efurryone who has come over to Coco's Auction and bid on almost all of the items Coco's furriends have donated (we gave up our Hepper Pod). The auction ends on Tuesday and we want you all to know the green papers raised will go to help pay off Coco's knee surgery and we are soooo grateful for everyone's help.

(We wanted to keep that squeaky mouse)

Coco is doing really well, and started 'leash walking' around the house this weekend, going very slowly up and down the stairs. 

The only thing that has Teri a little worried is that Coco started licking at a spot on her knee, and sometimes that is an indication of pain. 

So, Teri took a picture and she'll email it to Dr Lotsikas to get his opinion, but for now she has stopped the leash walks...

Clement and Hero continue to be 'Good Cats' and are using their litter boxes with no 'accidents' still! 
Teri took Hero's cage down Friday, so he now has 'free run' of the bathroom. He was anxious at first and vocalized a lot, but has settled in once again and seems happy.

And Clement got to meet Disco today and neither kitty grumbled or growled...but Disco proceeded to hop up on the bed and spray on the footboard! Teri wasn't fast enough to 'tuck his tail' down but fortunately she had a washable blankie tucked in so the spray was easy to clean up with Nose Offense.

So, as you can see, Teri and all us Curlie Swirlie cats have had a busy weekend and we hope yours was filled with lots to purr about, too...


  1. that's a big busy post. Hope Coco's sore spot goes away ASAP. And can we have some of that S&S chikkun???

  2. We were so excited to see the news about Coco. And happy birthday to your Mum

  3. It looks like a VERY busy weekend. Coco looks like she is wearing a pink garter on her leg! MOL! Purrfect fur dancing. Happy Monday efurrybody. xoxo

  4. You guys WERE busy! Your human is smart, setting up a will. Mine has NONE yet and it would be utter chaos if something happened to her. She wants me to go back to the breeder if something were to happen (I would not be happy here without her), but no one would have any clue as to how to get in touch with her! I get nervous every time she leaves the house.

  5. Happy Birthday to Teri!! Glad she had a great day. Yay for wonderful Brighton helping her out and making her smile again!

    Purrs and hugs to sweet Coco!

    Take care

  6. I sure hope Coco's knee is okay and that the licking is nothing. Hey Brighton, you are sure a good helper!

  7. love the pic in the bath!!

    It seems Downton Abbey is quite a hit!!

    Have a great (and relaxing!) week x

  8. sounds like you haf had a busy time of it lately! good to see the progress on coco's knee (we hopes the lickin' is just acause it's healin'), an' that hero & clement are being "good" kittehs.

    please tell miss teri "happy purrthday" frum us--we's sorry we's late, an' don't know if mommer sed ennythin' on bookface er not. well, we can't watch her EFURRY minit, y'know!

  9. Holy cats! If our Mommy was that busy she'd fall down! Happy Birthday to Teri! Daddy loves Annie Leibovisz and has met her at a book signing.
    Maybe Coco's knee is itchy from healing?

  10. Ummm, excuse me please but you did mention, er...did you not that you had a date and THEN fixed breekie for two??? Well, that was SOME birthday treat no? Oh-la-la! And I thought *I* was the racy cat round here!

    Mr. D my love, it appears that your human is busy being very, well. busy. And so I must put in my two cents here. How can she possibly have time to properly excersize you? Well my darling, my love... I have all the time in the world. Just sayin'.

    Happy about Coco & Clem & all the goings on but really,

    for me
    it's all about
    Mr. D

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  11. Me LOVES the newsy posts! Birthdays, Dates, Breakfasts for Two, planning - Me LOVES the music! and All the Kittie! Coco we's purraying that your knee is PK.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday. We are glad Coco is doing well and hope the licking is nothing to worry about. Brighton is a very good office helper.

  13. We are hooked on Downton Abbey too!! Love everything about it :)
    Sounds like a lovely weekend-happy belated birthday!
    Hope Coco isn't in any pain and is otherwise healing well.

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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