Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two Boys Tuesday...

Teri had the day off today cuz she has to work on Friday to fill in for a co-worker...so she had some time to help us visit some of our furriends today and write a blog post and mail off a few auction items too (we donated 13 things to help Coco, too...). That was pretty tiring, so we all napped until dinner time...

But today's post is about two boys...Clem and Hero. We think we told you that one of the Vet Tech's at VOSM is interested in adopting one of the boys! Teri sent her all kinds of Cornish Rex info, on their care and such, as well as her 4 page Adoption Application.

She is looking forward to getting to know Emily and Daniel better and having them meet all of us when they come for a visit if they pass 'muster', hahameow. They do not have any other pets, which is nice and at least from the photos Teri sent them, they both really like Hero's looks.

So Teri has been letting Hero and Clement spend lots of time together and that is enabling her to get to know their temperaments better than when they are alone.

Clem seems very relaxed and happy with a companion cat in 'his room'. Teri says he reminds her a lot of Coco...very demonstrative and vocal.  Teri even saw Clem 'grooming' Hero although it kinda turned into a 'bitey', and so far they have curled up on the bed, at different ends but that's ok. There has been very little hissing and swatting.

On the other hand, Hero is a bit jumpy and nervous, but his previous family said he was very 'jumpy' and frightened of new things like the vacuum or paper bags or loud noises. It may take him a while to feel comfortable, but he is being good about using the litter box in Clem's room and that's a good sign.

Teri is still keeping them separated at night or when she isn't home, but maybe after next weekend, they can try being full-time room mates...

Here's a couple of videos that Teri took today (we know they are behind those doors but we really haven't gotten to see much of them, either!)...


  1. What beautiful curly cats (and one bald one). We hope that those two lovely kitties find their perfect, suitable forever home

  2. I love the dark colors with the curly fur. How lovely! Nice to meet you two!

  3. They is so cute...Too bad me has Kozmo.

  4. We are keepin our paws crossed fur these cuties! The deserve a great home. Mom says Disco is lookin pawticularly fetching today. She sends kissies. xoxo

  5. Paws crossed that these humans are the ones for Hero!

  6. God bless both of you Clem and Hero...

  7. My goodness! The Ears!! How adorable!! Take care

  8. Clem and Hero sure look like they are having fun!

  9. They are both very handsome and we hope all goes well and Hero gets his Forever Home.


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