Saturday, February 7, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning

Teri's doing her nails, she said "in Cyberspace", so if you're so inclined, visit this site and pick Try-On This Color. Have fun!

We don't do our nails, but have other grooming to attend to this Sunday.
After Teri finishes her nails...we are hoping she'll say no baths today!


  1. Oh no, not the nails! You look just as shocked as I always do!

    Rosie from Three Country Cats
    P.S. Thanks for the comment on my Valentine to the dreamy Harley

  2. I do not enjoy getting my clawrs clipped. Not one bit!

  3. Oh this is terrible to see you getting a bath and everything. That sort of activity makes me scream.
    If you get the treatment today, I suggest that you snub mommie for a while afterward, and act like you are scared to death of her, like she has the plague. that will make her very unhappy and teach her a lesson!

    Mom thinks the nail program looks really fun. Her nails are really really short LOL

  4. Uh oh...the works for you! Hopefully when it's all done you'll feel fabulous.

  5. Mom just trimmed my nails this week in preparation for the ball.

  6. Our humans should just try that... They would be sooo sorry.


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