Monday, February 9, 2009

Madame President, Coco!

Well, as you will be able to tell from the photos, Coco got herself worked up into quite a frenzy, trying on outfits for the Ball.

Her pink and chocolate taffeta gown was TOO SCRATCHY, she said and too tight in the she wouldn't stand up! Anyway, she said it wasn't really a gown as it barely covered her ladyparts, unless she sat down!

And, she wouldn't look up at the camera, so you can't tell she had on a lovely strand of pearls that Teri let her borrow for the evening.

What she really wanted to wear, was this...a clingy modern take on Disco, all sequins and spandex. Coco said it was a lot more comfortable and that's what she was going to wear, and then Coco hissed at Teri!

They came to a compromise, after many trips into the dressing room and that was the black and silver sequined sheath with the vintage Austrian crystal clip on earrings...

Which you can see, were more pinchy than the taffeta dress was scratchy and Coco said they didn't do a thing for accentuating her usually tall Frootbat Ears!

Teri said it was going to be a long evening, but at least she wouldn't have to listen to Coco complain about her uncomfortable shoes, since she wasn't wearing any!

She hoped that dancing with the dapper gentleman cats would take Coco's mind off the pinchy earrings, and that the Floofie womancats would commiserate with Coco around the punchbowl. I am sure they have their tales of the evenings preparations for the Ball that would make Coco embarrassed that she complained at all!

Teri was hoping Coco would leave her party dress on, even if she ditched the earrings half way through the festivities! But she overheard someone saying that Coco was so lovely, all she needed to wear was her lovely wavy fur and a diamond necklace and of course, the paparazzi got a photo of that! And maybe they were right...Coco does look transplendent in the tiara and dazzling diamond necklace, doesn't she?!


The dancing and socializing and fun lasted into the wee hours of the morning, and one by one the attendees wandered off the their cat beds, or found a cozy chair to curl up in and dreamed of waltzes and caviar and cream...


  1. You looked lovely, Madame President!

  2. You'll have to excuse me if I fall asleep in the middle of a dance. I've been at the ball for hours waiting for it to start thanks to a mix up with the times.

  3. Madame Purresident, you look extremely lovely

  4. Coco...those ears speak volumes! You are simply amazing in all of those outfits...hopefully you can wear something more comfortable for the day to day work of Ms. Prez. Great party!

  5. Coco, you look simply gorgeous! I love the pink and chocolate number, but you are very right not to wear something scratchy. I think the Disco suit was just the right choice! Very impressive!

  6. Coco, er Madame President, you look very lovely. I definitely think you picked the purrfect outfit!

  7. Coco, at least you have the naturally curly hair! I had to stay in rollers all day to get my floof to curl and just as soon as I got to the ball, the curls fell out!

    Great party!

  8. You look great in anything, my bows pinched a bit too. But you gotta pull out all the stops.

  9. Dear President Coco, you looked so beautiful at the ball!
    This was by far the most enjoyable time had by all of the cat blogoshpere



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