Sunday, February 1, 2009

Easy like Sunday Morning

Well, Teri's not a football fan, so today on Super Bowl Sunday, we are hoping she fills up our Food Bowl with some special Tail Gate Party snacks! So, Teri's catching up with Blogs and laundry (oooh, that means piles of warm things to snuggle in!)

Well, one more kitten went to his new home yesterday, and we cats think the mommycats are glad, they didn't want to be bothered by silly kittens any longer. Jack went to live with a couple in Alabama with another Cornish Rex named Mr B and a dog named Tugboat. We had a nice visit, they took lots of pictures and then the beans went out to dinner at a yummy Thai place.

Teri talked to them last night and Jack was having fun running round the hotel room and playing with the toys Teri put in his Kitten Care Kit.

Luna and Madeline are still here, but Luna's family are coming for her next weekend and Madeline new owners are still making arrangements to come and get her. Luna is going to live with a Chihuahua and another girly cat and she is such a little Princess, Teri knows they will adore her! Maddie is going to be a showcat and a momcat in the future, and Teri hopes she will have a happy life with the breeder that her dad came from. When Maddie (oh her showcat name is Furrydance Newquay--named after a town in Cornwall where the surfers hang out) retires, Teri will get her back and that is a comfort to her.

Disco's doing good with his rehab and diet! Teri moved him from the stud room to the library room about 2 weeks ago and so far, no spraying. His all canned food diet is working! He's lost 12 ounces. He got very fat living in the stud room because he wasn't getting any exercise and went from 10.5# to 13.75#. That can be dangerous, because fat cats can get diabetes. It's also hard on their joints. But getting them to lose weight slowly is important too, so they don't get Hepatic Liver Disease (Fatty Liver Disease).

Toby, on the other hand, has sprayed by the bedroom door a few times. He's in the guest room with Silly, a young spayed girlcat, for his companion. Teri forgot to put a Feliway Plug-In in his room, so added that today and we'll see if that helps. In Toby's defense, both momcats have been in heat and yelling outside his door, so that might be part of the reason.

If the Feliway doesn't help, then next step is to try him on some anxiety medication. His family (our petsitters) visit him every couple of weeks and they say he looks happy and relaxed, not as anxious as when he lived with them and was such a bad boy. Teri thinks he is re-homeable, it will just have to be a quiet, sedate household for him to be happy he said.

Someone is interested in adopting Silly and Teri's getting to know her and is going to visit her place next weekend to see help her cat-proof it and see if she is comfortable with her adopting Silly. This lady, her name is Tango, is a little younger than Teri, has no other pets, travels a lot to car shows where she shows her Scion Xb, so she wants to be able to take her kitty with her. We think Silly would like that, though it makes Teri a little nervous she might escape and get lost. But heck, some of us go out to cat shows and that's sort of the same thing.

Her lifestyle is different than ours, and her home is a travel trailer, but like Teri told her...she has sent kitties off to homes that seemed perfect-family, nice house etc, and then had things fall apart when they get divorced. The only cat she lost track of was in that circumstance and that saddens her. So, we'll keep an open mind and think that we will give Tango a chance to have this sweet little kitty in her life.

Coco'a got a busy week ahead, meeting with her cabinet, getting briefed on world mews, and planning her wardrobe for the next week. She'll be posting photos of the Inaugural Ball preparations soon. She hired a personal assistant (Kiki) to help organize her closet (the purple storage box) and will be going to her hairstylist, Daisy, who knows how to make curls look their best!

Well, after all that news, here's a photo of an easy Sunday morning...


  1. Gosh, it must be so hard to let go of the kittens, but it's wonderful that you get to make sure they will go to good homes.

    I think I might go to my laboratory and work on develop a special curl-enhancing mousse for curlycats. Something with a nice chicken flavor.

  2. Daisy,

    You always make us laugh. You could call it "Gee, Your Fur Smells Terrific!"


  3. Concats Coco I look forward to working with you to make things better.

  4. ::Mom Edit:: Hi Teri, I read your profile and it really moved me in many ways. You seem like a very cool person. I hope you are finding happiness each day.

  5. The fotos are enchanting. Each has its own distinct personality.

    I sincerely hope that each of your furry friends finds just the right place and the purrrrrfect family in which to belong.

    Snatch JOY!



  6. Coco, you and your mom need a nice easy have very busy house! I'm looking forward to the Inagural ball(s). Are there real toy balls involved?

  7. Wow! There sure is a lot going on at the new purrsident's house. I admire your mom's ability and willingness to keep up with all of the kitties.

    Thanks for the appointment as Minister of Floofy Affairs!

  8. Hey I'm leaving you an award at my place tomorrow.

  9. It's good that you're relying on Daisy as your personal stylist. If anycat knows about style, it's Daisy!

  10. I love Sunda... snuggling in bed with the Purrrs!


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