Monday, February 9, 2009

The Party Begins...

The Inaugural Ball is honoring the First Cat President, Coco! And the First Cat Vice President, Misha! Both cats look simply stunning, as the evening begins!


The lovely Cory, Secretary of Socks, looking resplendent in diamond tiara and brooch!

And Cosmo, Chief Whip, looking self-assured and classically beautiful in pearls!

Fin, Secretary of the Interior, looks absolutely fetching in bows and ribbons!

Hansel, Minister of Youth Affairs, fresh and hip in his cap, sure to catch the young girls eyes!

Kiddo, Minister of Housing, in his Tux and Top Hat, handsome mancat!

Oh, Sweet Praline, Minister of Floofy Affairs, just as lovely as any Southern Belle, and what an Up-Do!

And for Zoey...pearls, sultry looks and a simple marcelled wave is all she needs!

And let's not forget Rocky, Chief of enviable position for any cat and he is looking especially well-groomed tonight!

And to round out the cabinet, and to have the difficult job of recording in paintings everything that goes on in the Cat Blogosphere, it's Maggie, Minister of Arts! And here she is, hard at work already!

And music for the evening was provided by the King and Queen of Soul, Annie Mosaic and Tuck (love the hats! Coco was looking for something just like that!)


  1. Everyone is gorgeous. We were a bit star-struck!

  2. I could hardly wait for the day to get here, and all of the glamour and star didn't disappoint!

  3. How cute is everyone. I love the first one with those ears. and Fin with bows and ribbons looks like my Daisy. I love them dripping in diamonds too. :))


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