Sunday, February 8, 2009

Inauguration Ball Eve

Well, at least Coco doesn't have to worry about her hair, like some of the Floofies who will be primping for hours for the Ball.

Coco has picked out her dress, and in keeping with how close we are to Valentines Day, just a hint of what her gown will be...Pink Taffeta with exquisite tiny chocolate hearts and a chocolate colored sash, tied in the back, and of course, Pearls! Very Retro, with an almost Coco Chanel feel to the ensemble.

Unfortunately, she has not been able to find just the right hat, that won't crush her FrootBat ears, but she is looking a chandelier earrings to give the outfit that finishing touch that, as Daisy knows, accesories are sooo important!

She put her foot down at wearing shoes, though...just like Daisy feels about pants. Though we did hear Daisy has some pink panties for Skeezix if he'll be her Valentine, MOL!


  1. Yes, you are correct, I will be pampering all day to get my floof ready!

  2. My momma Ellie has been giving me tongue bath scrubbings for days to make sure I'm ready to go! I'll look lovely and she's going to hack up a hairball on my behalf. I can hardly wait for the party. I've never dressed up before!

  3. You will look gorgeous at the ball!

  4. We curly girls are always well-coiffed! I do not enjoy wearing anything on my feets, either.

    Coco, your dress sounds divine! I have been rummaging through my accessories to see if I have a good hat you can wear, but all my hats are too casual!

    I know you are going to look stunning.

  5. A floofy cat needs to look her best, this hair isn't as wash and wear as you might think.


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