Saturday, October 23, 2010

Caturday Saturday

Well, it's been over a week since Our Teri has had time to post about what's been going on with us Furrydance cats (except to post about Disco's Diet as she committed to posting once a week about that since she gets free food and treats from Nulo for Disco to be involved with the Nu Campaign to Fight Pet Obesity).

But it's a lovely, sunny, crisp Fall day and while we are following the sunspots around, Teri is working (for us, hahameow!).

TomTom came around for his morning meal and Teri thought he looked so handsome in the garden with his orange furs and autumn leaves all around, making for a very pretty photo!

Last weekend, Teri and Brighton were in New York City, at the Meet the Breeds Extravaganza and they had lots of fun! Brighton was there in his stroller and even though he'd never been around dogs before, cuz he was safe in his 'vehicle' he only hissed once at a couple of Salukis who came nose-to-nose with him!

Brighton is an excellent traveler and he loves exploring the hotel rooms, too. They had a nice 'suite' room with a great view and two TV's, and a fridge and microwave, too. So Teri had her Gin & Tonics, and Brighton got his food warmed up, as well as his Snuggle Safe!

There were something like 200 individually decorated official breed booths (41 cat breeds and 160 dog breeds) and the Cornish Rex theme was 'Racy Cats'...they are that for sure! Cat and dog lovers got to interact with dogs, cats, puppies and kittens and learn about their history and unique attributes directly from the experts.

There were lots of booths that offered every imaginable product for pets and their owners; and five ongoing demonstration rings featured law enforcement K9s, grooming, agility (cat and dog), obedience (dogs only, of course!) and an interactive ‘Cat Idol’ showcase and a cat fashion show, too!

Here's a video posted on YouTube, that gives you an idea of the crowd and the show:

He and Teri even made a little video at the AOL PawNation booth:

Back on the home front, all the kittens are growing up, fast! Spottie and Dottie have their appointment for their Lady Gardenectomies and microchipping next Wednesday and then they will be going off to their new home together in New Jersey.
In fact, their new family invited Teri up for a long weekend to enjoy the beach and relax! Brighton (and his stroller) will be going along too and Teri is looking forward to finally meeting Cheryl and Art.

Little Fifi is all better now and she had her vet visit and first vaccination last week, too. The vet can still hear her little heart murmur but it isn't any louder. She will get listened to again when she has her next visit in a month. Her new family lives in California with a Furrydance boycat named Franklin, and they are flying out to get her in December when she is ready to leave her birth home here.

Here's the latest photos of them and a cute video, too.


  1. Wow! You all have had a BUSY week, especially the kittens...haha!
    Brighton is a very composed Cat, mine would be in fits next to a dog.
    Thanks for the food advice for Kona, I am going to the pet store on Tuesday to stock up, and in the meanwhile she's getting all the treats she wants after she eats her regular food for the day. She's in heaven!

  2. Teri and Brighton have had a very adventurous week! None of us would travel well, be so calm and collected.

    Lots of purrs to Spottie and Dottie for their spays, that all goes well and that they recover quickly. And for long and happy, healthy lives in their forever home! Ditto for Fifi, when it's her turn. :-)

  3. Seems like evrykitty is bein quite active. We're not so sure about travelin though. We dont think we would like that. Brighton is very brave!

  4. I loved every line and word here. Well, this is really the Admiral's mommy typing with permission from the Admiral. We are so glad you liked her hat.

    Brighton is a DOLL! I love that video of the two of you..all of the pics you posted of where you all were and just everything. It was fun learning about the show and super great that the kittens are doign so well..Spotty and Dotty I mean.

    xox from me'n'her

  5. I wonder if I had any relatives at the Meet the Breed Extravaganza? It looks like it was lots of fun. I'm glad to hear that Fifi is better!

  6. That was fun to see you on the video! I'm pretty sure I'd freak out if I had to go to a show.

  7. When you said mommie had her 'Gin & Tonices' I thought SURE she had gotten two new kitties at show! MOL! Great kitten pics & vid. xoxo
    Ms. Stella

    word verif is fifies

  8. What a busy week! I am glad that Brighton was so calm at the show. I hope that Spotty and Dotty heal up quickly from their spaying.

  9. Hoping Spottie and Dottie are fine at the v-e-t's next week for their "lady" operations!!
    Bright is so good travelling when we go the the v-e-t about 5 or 6 miles away Hannah is always sick even if she hasn't eaten so goodness knows how she'd be over a long distance.

  10. I love the Brighton video: "Look at the camera"... Kisses dear friends!

  11. So many precious photos of the babies=they are getting so big!...Glad Teri and Brighton had a great trip...Hope you all have a fun week ahead...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Was that Fifi in the video? no that can't be. That kitty looked Big!

    You always have so many great pictures on your blog. I think everyone is satisfied even though you cannot always blog a lot.

    we love the NY adventure pictures. Wow what fun and a nice hotel for you and Brightboy. It looks like there were some nice people there too, and many cool animabibbles.

    OrangeTomtom does look sweet in the garden. Lucky kitty! we are happy that he has a safe trustworthy place to come home to.
    Bonks for a fun week. Mom is doing ten things at once as usual and forgets to help us visit blogs.
    Oh well

    have a bonkful week

  13. Wow!! Never a dull moment in your house!! And New York City!! Wow, Brighton!! You are a high society cat!! We admire you for that even though we love the anonymity of our simple home takes courage and strength to go out and face that big world out there. You are a real hero in our books!! And a gorgeous hero at that!! You look really cool in your stroller! Weren't you afraid of all those dogs? Man, we have Ellwood here and he isn't even that big, but we're scared of him...he is just so excited and crazy!! The girls look so sweet and are so big we said, never a dull moment chez vous!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  14. I so missed not being able to come up to see you and Brighton in NY, but we will see each other soon when you can find a weekend to stay home ~;o)

  15. Brighton is so good for travelling and meeting people. The kitten pictures and video are lovely.

  16. aw man, me and my mommeh was supposed to go to Meet The Breeds too! at the last minute we could not. did you see Cat Idol? and the fashion show???


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