Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Disco...Closer to 15# than 16# now...Nulo Week 11

Ok! If Disco continues to lose an ounce a week, by Turkey Day he will be 15# and that would be a total of 14 ounces lost...not quite to the goal of 12# but at least I know he is doing it slowly, safely and nutritiously with Nulo.

That is one thing I always worried about when dieting him before--knowing he probably wasn't getting the right amount of good quality food, minerals and vitamins...No worries about that now!

He is more active, and it's so cute how at the end of the day, how he waits at the top of the stairs so he can do his 'aerobics'...Here's a funny, short video of 'Take Three' of his workout on Monday (hahameow--you'll see why we are laffin')

Whenever I call Nulo to place an order, the guy I talk to, Devin, pulls up Disco's file and tells me how much they enjoy his blog posts and how great it is to follow all the the Nu Campaign for Pet Obesity participants. I have been enjoying seeing their posts and progress too, and thought you might, too.


By participating in the Nu Campaign, I pledged to help raise awareness about pet obesity and, through Disco's participation, inspire others to change how and what they feed their dogs and cats. I talk about Nulo and Disco's weight problem with all the clients at the cat hospital where I work and feel like Disco and I are part of the 'Street Team' for Nulo, hahameow!

I pledged to provide my pet(s) with optimal nutrition, appropriate portions, and plenty of exercise. I am doing better with their program than mine!I tell people if it wasn't for the stairs in my house, I wouldn't get any exercise at all! But I feel good about making the time and putting in the effort to help Disco and all the Furrydance cats live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Every one I have talked to at  Nulo has been open, honest and approachable. They are like-minded pet lovers, just like me, and you can tell they share a kinship and a passion with their pets and the company they work for, too. You can tell it's not just a marketing ploy!

And every post on their blog is informative (and as a veterinary technician, I am very persnickity about accurate information when it comes to pet care!)


As you can tell, we are Nulo fans!

Disclosure: Nulo has generously provided free product in exchange for our participation in the Nu Campaign to fight pet obesity. We are happy to be a part of this awareness campaign, however, all of the opinions about the product are mine and Disco's and not dictated in any way by the company...that would be silly!


  1. BAHAHA We laffed a lot at Uncle Disckers plop!
    Yes, we are sure it is a lot more work when you are heavy -- boy it slows you down. Well, We believe that slow and steady is a better way to lose the tonnage. This sort of exercise is great for Uncle Diskers because there are no other kitties hogging the toy!
    The food looks very healthy. So far Miles and I are doing super great on the nutro canned.

    bonks for a happy week!

  2. Disco - you are gettin' pretty svelte there buddy. I am glad you are participating in the exercise regime (ummm program). We love the video....sit on the toy to end the session. :) Da boys at our house are losing a little weight too, but it all seems to be going to that girly butterball who lives here.

  3. HA HA HA! you can almost hear Disco say, DONE! That was quite a workout!

  4. The picture of the weigh-in just cracks me up. I love it! I have to agree that you don't have to worry about the negative effects of rapid weight loss. This is MUCH safer.

  5. Good job, Disco! You're looking really good!!

  6. Lose, Disco, Lose! Well, we THINK that makes sense.

    Loved the video...

  7. *pant pant pant pant* (fans herself) Well Disco isn't the ONLY one gettin' worked up!~ my my!


    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. like the video! great post!

  9. Disco looks like he's having lots of fun with his aerobics! He'll reach his goal eventually - slower is better!

  10. Disco, auntie here and me are both proud of you. You thunder up and down those stairs like nobody's business! It's easy to trip. I hope you didn't hurt your toesies.

  11. We LOVED seeing Disco cruisin up and down them stairs!

  12. You do better than me! We haven't heard of Nulo before. My mom says I am chubby... but she doesn't put me on a diet!

  13. Hee hee! Hilarious! I love that Disco waits for his playtime now! xoxo

  14. ...and Disco goes "PLOP". That was pretty cute. I think he knocked the wind out of himself! Too funny. Way to go Disco and thanks to your Mommy for her sweet email explaining your heritage and fur "issue" to our Mom - she found it very informative and interesting and LOVES reading emails from your Mom because she is so sweet and so knowledgeable.

  15. Disco, you are FUNNY! That's the way to say "Finished"! We're thrilled you are slimming down. We can tell!

  16. Way to go Disco! keep it up big boy. Terri, I love the video, so cute! xoxo


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