Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simply Sunday Afternoon!

This photo isn't at our house, but at the home of Brinkley, Percy and Pasha (two of three who are Furrydance alumni)...

But we have some sunspot seeking kitties here...but we need more sun by the looks of it!

and some just general Sunday R & R, too...

It's been another busy week at our house, and we haven't been able to visit our CB friends at all, but we sure appurrciate your visits and comments a lot!

Spottie and Dottie had their Girlygardenectomies last Wednesday and recuperated very quickly. As you can see, little Dottie had to wear a 'Party Hat' cuz she was pulling on her stitches...but she only had to wear it for a couple of days and these kind of soft fabric collars are pretty easy to tolerate. Here's some photos of them at the vets: waiting for their surgery, in their recovery cage, and a close up of Dottie in her collar:

and a peek at Spottie's tiny little incision and stitches---our vet is a fine seamstress!

Fall is here and the trees are a riot of color. Our Teri STILL hasn't gotten our bird watching area straightened up enough for us to go down in the basement/den...

But she's making headway and she has been letting Sammy the stud cat out, wearing his 'underoos' so he can't spray anywhere but his pants, hahameow.

She sees TomTom almost every day and she got the shelter made for whoever might use it, either TomTom or Mama Katz (who she doesn't see every day so was happy to see her on Friday coming round to eat). So far, she doesn't think they have gotten into the box even though she sprinkled some of our Garden Fresh Nip inside. She might have to put the box out nearer the woods so they feel ok using it. Here's a picture of it on our porch:

And here's a couple of pix of TomTom indulging in Nip right off the bush!

Since our last post, our Teri helped rehome (twice in a week) a pretty girl Sphynx that was surrendered to a shelter in a neighboring state. A good friend of hers who makes fantastic cat clothes...

contacted her to see if we were close enough to spring her from the shelter. Teri had 2 people on waiting lists for rescue Cornish Rex and she emailed them.

A couple of days later, Abbie was freed from jail, but she wasn't used to being around kids and was a bit aggressive in her play with them, so Teri jumped in again and the 2nd family stepped up to the plate and picked her up last weekend! Teri went over and helped them bath her, clean her ears and toesies and gave her teeth a looking over and she looks very healthy.

She is a lovely dilute calico, about 5 years old and now shares her new home with another Furrydance Cornish Rex and 2 adults, no kids and the introductions are proceeding nicely--they already share laps and the hissing is less, but they are still separated when their owners can't watch them closely. Teri is going over to visit her again today to visit and we will post some photos of her soon.

Spottie and Dottie head off to their new home in New Jersey next weekend, and Teri will deliver them, and spend a relaxing weekend with their humans, taking Brighton along and getting in some stroller time all together (Spot and Dot's human already had a stroller for their previous CRex who passed away last year). They live on the Ocean and she'll be sure to take lots of photos!

Oh, and the other big news is...Coco might be expecting again! Coco is a bit of a 'Wild Womancat' and she sprays when she is in heat and she's been cycling for the past few weeks and 'pissing' Teri off a bit. She told her 'You are either going to get spayed or get pregnant'...hahameow.

Teri has made the decision to 'retire' from breeding in 2011, and she will 'fix' Sammy, Coco and Kiki and they will 'retire' too. Since Coco's babies are leaving home now, and Kiki's kitten Fifi will be here another couple of months...and the fact that Kiki doesn't spray when she's in heat helped Teri decide to breed Coco for the last Furrydance litter (as she has 2 people on her waiting list already).

So, while it will be different not having babies around in the future, it will give Teri more one-on-one time with us, more time to blog, more strollering opportunities, and more time to take some vacations together, too. We are all good traveling cats and all of Teri's friends are cat lovers and would probably welcome kitty visitors, too!

Teri will still keep her 'Cattery' website up and running, but change it's focus into more one of Cornish Rex care and enjoyment!


So, that's All the Mews for the week, and we hope you all are having a Spooktacular Day, too!


  1. Well, it will certainly be different with no babes in the house...just think of all the time you kitties will have to get your Mom to slave over you!
    TomTom looks nice and fat! We made a house for our wandering kitty too, and it's getting used.
    We can't believe Dot & Spot are old enough to leave...they were just kits. How time flies.
    Happy Halloween!

  2. What great pictures!

    It great to read and catch up on how everyone is doing.

  3. OMYBast Brighton! There's a lobster attacking you!!!

    The photo of all the 'sunseekers' is simply to precious for words & esp. the close up of Mr. D one of the spot sisters. I don't know how you get anything done at all with all those lovely eyes and furs & tails each day!

    Can't wait to see photos of the rehomed cali-girl.

  4. Nice to hear all the news. Retiring may be a good thing - freeing you all up for more fun! Love the cats all on the bed. Happy Halloween.

  5. hahA that second pic is to the one with the diaper on.They are cute.thanks for sharing!

  6. I think those kittens are less interested in the sun and more interested in the camera. I swear they get cuter every day. I am glad you and Brighton will get a chance to take Spottie and Dottie to their new home so you can both check it out!

  7. One of my cats likes to piddle outside of the box. Nothing habitual, but enough to have me think about putting a diaper on him. So I was intrigued to say the least when I saw one of yours wearing a diaper. Are those infant diapers?

  8. Wow, lots of stuff going on with you kitties! I hope Teri brings back lots of photos of Spottie and Dottie in their new home! Breeding kitties is a lot of work, especially with such active, adventuresome cats like Cornish Rex kitties! I imagine that retiring will give everyone (feline and human) some time to kick back and relax a bit.

  9. We love that Spottie and Dotties are being adopted together. They will have so much fun together. Terri is very sweet to make a shelter for TomTom and Mama Katz. We have a shelter in our back yard for a couple of feral cats my mom takes care of. They haven't slept in it yet, but they do use it for shelter if it rains while they are waiting for dinner to be served. My mom is still giggling about Sammy wearing "underoos".

  10. You look all cute all rolled up on the sofa!

  11. Enjoyed all the photos and the update on everything...The babies are all just adorable and Tom looks like a happy cat too...I'm sure everyone will enjoy retirement as well, although we will miss seeing new babies here all the time!...Best of luck with all your plans, Teri...Hope you guys all had a Happy Halloween and got lots of treats!...Kisses, sweet friends...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Own! I love the second photo!!!!
    My cats loves the sun, too!

  13. I can't believe Spot and Dot are that old either! Seems like they were just born..really! I will miss reading about them but hopefully their new parents will keep us all updated.

    The pictures are great! Enjoyed each one including the sun seekers :-) I love your babies. Every one of them.

  14. Spottie and Dottie are the cutest kittengirls ever!
    This update was so full and long, mom had to make a cuupa tea and have a cookie halfway through!

    This will be a big change next year, and that will bring good things mostly.
    I think we will all miss kittens but there are new and exciting adventures ahead and we are looking forward to hearing about them as well.
    Bonks to all of you kitties and MissTericurlieswirlie too


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